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This week, we did a complete makeover in our playroom & I wanted to share it with you.  I am partnering with The Carpet and Rug Institute to bring you my favorite makeovers! 🙂

When we moved into our house about six years ago, we were surprised to find a third floor to the house (we had no idea!) and we knew that it was going to be perfect for a playroom.   So it began- toys were carried up there, dress-up clothes made their way upstairs & more.  So, I went online and look up some great ideas for carpeted playrooms and I found a LOT of great ones!

We knew that we wanted to replace the flooring with new carpet because it is just so much more functional (have you ever tried curling up to watch a movie or playing toys on a hard floor?  It’s just not comfortable.)   We were going for a cozy look & feel.    Another reason was the noise reduction.  Mickey said that carpeting was the only way to go because we needed something that wasn’t going to echo & was good for noise reduction (we don’t have any windows in that room).

Once we decided to go for it, Mickey actually added an extra closet before the new carpeting went in.  Finally, we hired someone to come out & replace the flooring with carpeting.   We went for a gray color this time (hide messes!) and we picked one that felt soft (bonus: carpet reduces slips and falls, but if they ever did fall over a toy or something, it was going to be a soft landing!).


They put the new carpeting in and went to a few stores to get some key items to organize the space.   We grabbed a wardrobe for 50% off, a futon (for friends sleeping over) for 60% off and a bookshelf for 50% off.   All in all, I was really pleased with our deals!

Here is where we put the kids dress-up clothes (in the wardrobe)
carpeting 1

And the futon that flips out for friends…
couch to bed

Mickey also replaced the lights with brighter LED lights that look more natural (remember- there aren’t any windows in that room).  Overall, I love the look & the makeover!  I’m pretty sure they all do! 🙂

A little girl lying on the floor smiling at the camera.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few more playroom inspirations:

This one from artsy craftsy mom is so great because I LOVE organization!

I love this one from my dear friend Natalie…  It is ready for pretend play!   A perfect little cafe complete with a ticket booth.  I love the area rug over her carpet for a little added texture.

The before & after of Arts & crackers is pretty amazing!
Here are a few after pics…
An organized playroom with a kids table and shelving.
A playroom with kid\'s table and chairs and shelving with toys and puzzles.

I also love this giant desk by nurture and thrive blog:

I love the  rock climbing wall by Fun at Home with Kids… so cute!

I love the simplicity of one creative mommy’s playroom.  This is what happened when they got rid of most of their toys.  It is just so simple, leaving plenty of room for imagination.

I also loved her dress-up storage idea.  When Allie is a little older, I’m going to do this:
Dress up costumes hanging in a closet.

Share your best “Beauty of Carpet” story for me to read!  I’d love to hear about a room that you transformed with carpeting!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Carpet and Rug Institute.

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  1. My sister and her husband recently bought their first house together. With two young kids, they haven’t had a lot of time to settle it yet. My sister is planning on turning one of the bedrooms into a playroom, and this article is giving me a lot of good ideas! I love what you said about choosing soft flooring, like carpet, to soften falls and provide traction. My nephew is just starting to walk, so I’ll have to pass that tip on to my sister.

  2. I love it!! I need to get a wardrobe like that for our play clothes, too.
    Ps- love the new flooring!