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When¬†I was asked to write this sponsored post by Capital One¬†360 (the company that offers a ton of financial products & services to businesses & consumers), I wasn’t sure where to begin. ¬† The question that they asked us was: “What are things that you‚Äôve done, are doing, or will do to be more financially independent?” ¬†I knew that I had posted several ideas on saving money to be a stay at home mom, but I wanted to tell you more.

I know that financial independence means something different to each one of you.   Regardless of what it means to you, Capital One 360 wants to know what you’re doing to gain it.  Are you packing a lunch?   Are you carpooling to save on gas?    How would you tell someone younger than you to become financially independent when they are your age?

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Well- I reached out to YOU.   I posted a question on my Facebook page and you gave me answers that I could never have shared with you- because they come from each one of you and you are all so different and wonderfully made!



Rebecca-  Start some kind of retirement plan. Biggest mistake was starting mine at 35

Krystal-¬†¬†Find yourself…be yourself and don’t jump into life too fast. You only live once. You¬†have lots of time to settle down and have a family but if you live a little and know who you are first it helps later down the road¬†¬†Also save as much as you can!! Later on you will regret spending all your hard earned money on stuff¬†you didn’t need. ¬†

Patti- Be more responsible with your money. It’s not fun. I wish I would have been smarter.

Krystal-¬†¬†Find yourself…be yourself and don’t jump into life too fast. You only live once. U have lots of time to settle down and have a family but if you live a little and know who you are first it helps later down the road¬†¬†Also save as much as you can!!¬†Later on you will regret spending all your hard earned money on stuff¬†you didn’t need. ¬†

Jamie-¬†Don’t wish your life away. Have fun. Pay your debt (credit cards. Pay more than just the minimum). Save $.

Shari-¬†Don’t buy on credit. Save and use cash.

Allison- ¬†Save money, study, workout, don’t be so shy!

Michele-  Set a budget and follow it to the letter

Shari-¬†Give 10% to the church and save 10% and¬†Don’t sweat the small stuff it’ll all work out.

Kristi- Start saving now!

Ann S- In your 40s, live simple, work hard, expand your spirituality, make time for family and friends, be comfortable with yourself, have a retirement plan in place.

Cathryn Elle-¬†Don’t be afraid to ask questions.¬†Look after your teeth. Save money.

Becky- Save money, invest wisely. ¬†Work hard while you are young and pay off your mortgage before you have kids (use any extra money to pay towards your principal.) ¬† Become¬†financially independent now, don’t wait.

Make your own food instead of eating out all of the time.  This will save a lot of money!

french dip sandwich recipe (slow cooker



Michelle-¬†¬†GO TO COLLEGE for what YOU want & what will make YOU happy, not what you think people expect you to do!! It’s so so hard to go back once you’re grown with 2 or 3 jobs & a single mom. All because nursing was in my family & I wanted to make them proud by carrying on the tradition!! DO IT FOR YOURSELF!! NO ONE ELSE!!!

Michelle- Study to be a nurse!

Roiann-¬†When choosing a career, make sure it’s something you love to do.

Christa- There is more to life than work!!Becky- Do what you love!   Teach, write, help people.   Remember that there is always time for work, so enjoy your children and your family.  Spend one on one time with each one of your children. 

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TRAVEL:Susan-  Travel now!!!!!

Mandi R-¬†¬†Travel before you have kids. Stay active, eat healthy and wear that bikini despite your size. Be transparent and genuine. The ones that accept you are the only ones that matter. Above all, know Jesus!|Kristen- ¬†Go out travel the world, wear sun screen, don’t be afraid to hear the answer no for something you really want… When you don’t even try the answer is already no. the only option left is yes.

Liz- Take every opportunity to travel.

Kristen- ¬†Go out travel the world, wear sun screen, don’t be afraid to hear the answer no for something you really want… When you don’t even try the answer is already no. the only option left is yes.

Becky- Find a favorite place & visit it again.

ab at the beach


Sherry-  Stop worrying about what others think of you…  
Kathryn-¬†¬†Don’t stress about things you can’t change, when you have kids be patient, take the time to listen, don’t hurry it doesn’t matter being 5 minutes late sometimes just slow down enjoy the ride.Deb-¬†Pick your battles carefully. If it doesn’t have lasting consequences, it probably isn’t worth fighting over… and when it comes to parenting, save the “no’s” for the really important things… say “yes” whenever you can.Simone-¬†Find yourself, don’t be in a hurry and settle for the first thing that comes along or what what other people want. Listen to the little voice inside you and follow it. If there is something you really want then go after it, at the end of the day it is your life and you are the one who has to live with the choices you make. So live it happily, with no regrets.Montessori Life (as we know it) –¬†Be kind to yourself and others. And above all be happy.
Heather- Don’t let pressures from others make your choices for you. Live, have fun, see the world experience all the things you want. Take your time and make smart choices.
Teri- ¬†Enjoy yourself in your 30s. In my 30s I found my love and had my son. There were ups and downs as with any time. I actually enjoyed my 30s better than my 20s. Now the 40s well I’ll let you know when I get through them.¬†

Tara-¬†Enjoy the now, don’t rush your life away wishing/waiting for the next big thing.

Trudy-  Always use a lot of good quality moisture on your face and neck!
Fabiana- Your circumstances do not define who you are.
Jessica-  Be kind.
Lisa-¬†Don’t let your hangups ( your weight, shyness, etc) keep you from living!
Moosey Mae-¬†I’m in my mid twenties myself, so I’m going to give advice for someone in their late teens because honestly that’s where I can offer the best advice— but that would be to not always assume that you know it all just because you know alot. Things change, people change, personalities change, & sometimes the bridges you burn in your late teen years are the ones you’ll be needing to rely on just a few short years later.

Melanie-¬†¬†Don’t take yourself too serious, calm down, and breathe!

Sherri-  Slow down.

Kristin- Listen to your inner voice about big AND small things. You usually know just the right thing to do if you listen.

Kristen- Make mistakes but learn from them.

Stacey-  It goes by way too fast.

Madeline-¬†Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Ali Renee-¬†¬†Don’t let things bother you so much as you grow up. Things that seem important in your teens really aren’t that important.

Becky- Take risks and HAVE FUN!  Let yourself be SILLY and let your kids see it (& they will learn to be light-hearted, too!)


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Emily-¬†Listen to the people who are older than you and have their act together. They really do know what they’re talking about.
Clair- Listen to your Mother. You’ll realize when you’re older that her advice was right.

Tamara- Don’t lose yourself in a relationship, let the relationship build around who you are and what you believe instead. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not worth losing yourself.

Katie Rice-¬†¬†The popular kids will no longer be popular when you get out of High School. Be your true self, don’t change yourself to fit in…when you get into the real world, being different (i.e. not a clone of the popular kids) will make you interesting and actually attract real friends. Hang in there, High School doesn’t last forever, life gets better.

Deb- Take 2 minutes before you react when you are upset, angry, or hurt. Think before you speak, words do hurt just like sticks and stones.
Sharon-¬†Don’t drink enough to¬†lose control of your actions- ever!
Dominique- To listen to your intuition

Andy –¬†Tough stuff makes you stronger and and better able to cope with more tough stuff.

Jennifer-You only have one life to live, so make it the life YOU want. Always be happy & don’t sweat the small stuff!

Don-  stay healthy take care of your body.

Camille- ¬†Always ask yourself why and what if , you’ll be amazed at the different answers and scenarios you come up with .

Terran- Having a baby at 41 is exhausting!

Cacai- Get a life on your own. Make your mama proud.

Clenna- Treat everyone with respect!

Rachel-¬†Enjoy every moment you don’t know it now but these are some of the best years of your life. Appreciate your parents…in most cases they would go to the moon and back for you!

Pam’s Party & Practical Tips-¬†One piece of advice I hated when my kids were younger, was time will go very fast.. I really did think that when they were young and busy was the hardest time. ¬†Boy was I WRONG! Time really did fly by.. Those busy kids who exhausted me, are now almost grown and will leave home soon. ¬†While they are more self sufficient than when they were younger, the worries are bigger.¬†I am freaking out a little right now.. My two older kids are learning to drive, my oldest is a senior and thinking about life after HS, and my youngest just turned 13 and became crazy overnight.. LOL!!!

Becky РEnjoy your family!  Make every minute count!  Marry your best friend. 
Enjoy your children…¬† ¬†As my Grandma used to say “God says ‘Go forth & multiply’‚Ķ so we did!”¬†

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Elyse-  Read your Bible, and follow it. The Lord tells us what to do, even how to handle our money.  
Melinda-  Let God complete you.
Priscilla-  Shut off the TV, computer, distractions in general and pick up some awesome inspiring books that push and challenge you to rethink some things and become more like Christ.

Jenny- I just turned 40 and had a friend turning 30 who asked me the same question. My answer: fall madly in love with Jesus.Heather- Find yourself and know who you are in Christ.

Becky- Teach your children to just look up. 


You are all so inspiring and amazing! ¬† Thank you for helping me to inspire others to do better for themselves. ¬†As my mom says ” When you know better, you do better.”I am grateful to her to the advice that she has passed to me. ¬† To see my favorite life lessons that she has taught me, check out The 10 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned.¬†

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Thanks to our sponsor, Capital One 360, for the awesome giveaway & inspiration for this post.
See more of Becky’s tips for¬†saving money here: Saving Money¬†

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