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I am sharing these 3 noodle cooking hacks, because I hate sitting and waiting for this huge pot of water to boil, so here are some things that we do to make it a little easier.


Instead of grabbing your big post, filling it with a LOT of water and waiting for it to boil….  try this instead:  Grab a frying pan.   Lay your noodles in your frying pan and cover it with cold water.   Now turn the burner to medium-high.

Cook for about 15 minutes (stirring several times).   The noodles will be ready in only 15 minutes from the time you grabbed your pan.

2- Strain them easily with ReadyStrainer.   I hate straining noodles…  so when a friend told me about this, I knew that I had to preorder it (it isn’t on the market yet, so you have to pre-order it)!

This is perfect for us, because we use so many pans/pots to cook, leaving the sink full… so by the time that I bring the colander over, I have to move (or wash) everything else quickly.   This just sits right next to the sink, so it’s ready even if you aren’t.

(Ok- let me be honest… when I cook, I try to just use one pot or pan.  When Mickey cooks, I think he uses every single one in our kitchen.  shhh… don’t tell him that I just said that!) 😉 


You don’t have to put the strainer into the sink anymore (yay!).  Do this instead (works to clean fruit and to drain beans, etc… too):

3- Make double the noodles and freeze.
My grandpap used to do this.  He would cook a double batch of noodles.  Once they were drained and cool, he would take 1/2 and put them into a freezer bag.  He would freeze them.  When he was ready for them, he would just microwave them in the bag (with the bag open to allow it to vent.)  It was quicker and so much easier with way less clean up.

I hope that helped.  Here are a few meals that you might like:

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  1. These are great tips because I also hate waiting for that big pot of water to boil! I need to get that strainer too…so cool!