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Today I wanted to share 5 flexible jobs for a stay at home mom, because sometimes you want to be home with your kids, but you can’t afford to give up work completely.
5 flexible jobs for the stay at home mom
Being a stay at home mom on one income can be challenging,  until you have figured out your budget or have built up your savings to allow for this.  I know that I became a play therapist for that reason.  I loved teaching so much, but I wanted to be home with our kids.  It was a win-win, plus, the extra money allowed us to do fun things like soccer, preschool and other fun activities.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a (rewarding) job in itself. However, over time you will find that you can work your time so that you can have a few hours to spare during the day (maybe during nap time or when the kids are asleep in the evening).   You can choose to use this free time to earn a little extra money. There are plenty of opportunities out there for stay-at-home moms looking to work from home.  Here are just a few…


  1. Medical Transcription

Over the past few years medical transcription has been growing at 8% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.    Medical transcription is pretty flexible as you have the option of taking on as many or as little clients as you want. You can choose your own work load and work at your own pace provided you meet the deadlines appointed to you by your clients.
Earnings: Up to $34,000 a year annually.



  1. Freelance Web Content Writer

If you know where to look, there is quite a bit of money in content writing and editing.  You can google freelance writing and find a lot of great sites.  My friend does this out of her home, in between play dates and diaper changes (literally).  She loves it.  This is a great work from home job that allows you the flexibility of working as much as you want and when you want to work. You can choose your own workload and work at your own pace, keeping in mind of course, and the deadlines given to you by the client.
 Earnings: On an average you can make about $40,000 annually as a content writer.    


  1. Online Tutor

The Internet is loaded with hundreds on online tutoring websites. There is no shortage of students, mostly homeschooled, who are in need of daily online tutoring. If you love teaching or helping (and have a degree in education),  this is a great way to do it from home.
Earnings: Websites like TutorVista and are always in need of online tutors. You can get anything from $20 to $50 an hour. How much you make in a month is entirely up to how many students you take on.



  1. Web Designer

Web-design is yet another exciting work from home job that offers flexibility.  I keep trying to talk my brother in law into becoming a web designer because he is so talented with his eye for art.   In order to make money at this, you need to be something of a professional, holding a degree or diploma in web designing.  Most places require it.   Again, you can decide how many clients you want to take on depending on how much time you have on your hands. Your pay will depend on your experience and on your employer.
Earnings: On an average you could make around $44,000 according to PayScale.



  1. Cleaner

A friend of ours quit her 9-5 job to be home with her children.  She cleans homes while they are in preschool and she is done when they are done.   She picks how many days a week she works and she really loves it.
Earnings: Around $20-$25 an hour.


REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN WORK YOUR TALENTS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE:  Maybe its taking care of pets, or watching other people’s children.  Maybe you want to start your own preschool, start your own blog, or be a professional organizer.   Whatever it is, make it work for you and your family.

The key to success is to find what works for you, with respect to your schedule.  It allows you to be with your family more, while still earning an income.

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