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make money from home

Today I am sharing 5 ways to make money from home, because it was my dream to be a stay at home mom (or work at home mom) to spend more time with my kids.  They are young and I wanted to be with them.  I had previously taught elementary school, but I needed to find a way to make enough to supplement my husband’s income from home.
(Here we are with our four young children)

your modern family

I hope that these ideas help you, as well.

My first series on saving money was How to be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income, but today I am going to talk about making money (not just saving money). 🙂

My top 5 ways to make money from home are:

1- Work outside of the home part time –  I know, its not really making money from home, but it is the best way to BE home and make money.  Even a 5 hour work week will make your family extra money that you can save or use it as you need it.  I am a play therapist, so I am using my degree in education to help other children and other parents.  I love my job and I love helping these sweet kids to have success in their daily lives!  If you have a passion, find a job that will let you use that to benefit your family financially.   You can even work from home.  I make $1400 a month selling Rodan + Fields and over $600 a month selling Young Living Essential Oils. 

2- Sell things – craigslist, ebay, consignment sales, mommies networks, etc…  These are all great ways to sell things from home and to make money.  You could even make things (like this DIY wooden calendar) and sell them online to make a profit!

3- Start a blog – You can earn a lot of money blogging, or at least receive free products.   It is a great way to earn a little extra (through ads and sponsored posts) or to try out products for companies and write about them on your blog.  My husband and I are both full-time bloggers and we make a full income blogging.
Learn how to start a blog in 2 minutes here.

4- GET THINGS FOR FREE!  You can find these items for free online!    

5- Work part time from home doing things in your home, like tutoring or organizing for others.  Being a transcriptionist is another work-from-home option.   You can even find a website, like, that lets people pay you to do odd jobs from home, like editing a book, designing a book cover, etc…


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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. These are some really great ideas. There are more ways to earn from home than there used to be. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thanks for putting together this list! I always appreciate new ideas to helping supplement income! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. I wish I was a stage to be able to work from home full-time. Not quite there yet, but these tips are a good ways to get started.

  4. I could definitely sell some things…if I could only find the time to organize all of it!

  5. My oldest child starts college in two years so I have been trying to make a little extra wherever I can. Thanks for these ideas. Some of them, including Opinion Outpost, I hadn’t heard of before.

  6. As a freelance writer, I can see that these are great tips to use when jobs are slow in coming in for me! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like the Ghostwriter part…reminds me of the TV show when I was a kid to watch TV on PBS

  8. Good tips! I used to do surveys and got quite a few gift cards from them as well as a little extra cash.

  9. Great tips! I love using opinion post and other survey sites out there That money adds up!

  10. Great tips – I just started making money with my blog and hope that it continues to grow!

    1. We are starting a new blog ( where we are going to show bloggers how we have made money & grown our blogs. There are three of us doing it together. We are having it go live in a week! 🙂

  11. Thanks for these great tips! One of the easiest to do is sell stuff and I have a mountain of stuff to get working on. Perhaps I will get in gear and do it!

  12. My favorite is #3 blogging. I am currently using a blogging system that works really well (actually makes money!) All it takes is a computer, an internet connection and an hour or so a day.
    Thanks for the great tips.