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The kids say “I’m bored, Mom”… how many times do we hear that? Especially during the summertime. It can be challenging beating the boredom that school free days brings.

I have found that no matter what I plan out, there will always be boredom and it is helpful to have some answers ahead of time.  Planning ahead is always a great idea!

mom I'm bored
Here are 5 answers for the I’m Bored Mom.

1) Go outside. Fresh air always helps things. When boredom hits our home, we often head outdoors and go on a nature hunt or just explore.   Swim, take a walk, take a bike ride, find a park that you haven’t been to before… find something to do and do it!

2) Play game. We recently introduced the game Trouble to our son and he has loved it. Another idea along with games is to get some paper and markers out and tell your child to create their own game for the family to play.

3) Pick from I’m Bored Jar. Get some craft sticks and write different activities on them. I color coded my activities for inside, outside, or away from the house. So if it is a day where we need to be staying home, I take out the away from the house sticks. The bored child can pick a craft stick and do the activity that is listed on it.

I'm Bored Mom- Tips for when Boredom Hits

4) Be creative. Pull out the crayons and paper. Break out the art supplies and let the imagination take off. Sometimes we will create cards for family members, menus for pretend restaurant, puppets, etc.

5) Let them be bored. I recently was frustrated with knowing what to do with my bored child. A friend of mine reminded me that boredom is okay and kids can learn from it. So sometimes instead of offering ideas or sending him to the “I’m Bored Jar” I let him be. Then I see what happens. Usually within 5-10 minutes he is off playing with Batman or another toy. Sometimes kids constantly are on the go and having a minute to sit and think can be so good for them.

let them be bored(thanks to The Artful Parent for making this awesome picture/quote!)

Next time boredom hits your home, use one of these 5 tips to beat the boredom blues. How do you handle boredom in your home?

gift for creative child

Or print this out… Are-you-BORED-summer-activity-chart

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