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Well, we’re well into summer and I know that boredom can set in around this time. It’s always difficult thinking of things to do that are fun, get us out of the heat, and don’t cost too much! Here are some of the activities we do with our little ones throughout the summer.

1.) Take them to water, any water! My kids love the pool, splash pads, the beach, the lake- as long as it involves cooling down (a little!) in the Houston heat, they’re happy! Look around in your area for new water spots you haven’t yet visited! (And I love the water, too!)

kids on tube
Thanks to my friend Heather for this shot!

2.) Live theater. If you’ve got a live theater around- take your kids to see a drama! We’re fortunate to have an outdoor venue in Houston that has free performances nearly year-round, and some of them are specifically geared towards kids. Some libraries even offer puppet shows and other performances. Who knows, it may even spark an interest for them!

3.) Sporting events on family nights.If you live near a major or minor league baseball team, it’s a fun evening to take the kids and watch a game. The great thing about family nights is that many stadiums will offer discounts on tickets and food! Bonus if the stadium is air-conditioned!

4.) Read, read, read! It’s no secret that reading is super-important in the young (and not-so-young!) years! I loved reading as a kid and hope to instill that same love in my kids.   I love to read some of my favorite books for younger kids to our children, as well as some books for a little older kids. And while your kids are reading, take the opportunity to pick up a book yourself (see my favorites)! 

5.) Let them get crafty. I can give my daughter Allie a cardboard box and a roll of tape and she’ll be good to go for half a day! Both of my daughters love to help me cook. My son can be entertained with bungee cords and duct tape for hours! Sometimes we just need to get out of our kids’ way and let them do their thing!

allie evie

Oh, and one last thing! Before our kids are allowed to say, “I’m bored!,” they have to look at this chart I made to be sure they have done all of the things they need to do for the day. It’s worked really, really well for us. Click here to be taken to a free printable for your own kids!


What are your favorite things to do in summer?

ps- make your own creativity box for your child. 





Hi there! My name is Kelli and blog at eat.pray{read}love.
I’m a church planter’s wife living in Houston with four kiddos, trying to navigate the waters of parenting, homeschooling, blogging, and most recently, writing a book!
I love cooking, exercising (I’m weird!) and working on little projects around the house.

Hi there!

I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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