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School is out for us (yay!) and with four kids, we have to think of fun things to keep us busy!

As much as we all crave the laid back days, we also know that we need to have some summer activities in mind.   I truly try to have a mix of both.  I want our kids to have activities to keep them busy (that we are doing as a family) and I want them to have time to just explore…

A young boy standing on a chair looking through a telescope out a large window.

To get past that, we are going to give you some summer activities to help you prepare for a fun-filled summer with your kids!    I would suggest an activity a day.

(1) Play with ice chalk this summer.

(2) Have fun without the television this summer.  Take the challenge with us – it’s worth it!

(3) Using straws and paper you can create some fun rockets.   You can make them in just a minute and it will keep the kids laughing for a whole 30 seconds before they make them again!

(4) Test out some tried and true activities, like a homemade bird feeder.

(5) Making a bucket list for the summer is a great way to keep track of the activities.  (you can get the whole list here... this is only part of it)

Summer Bucket List preview

(6) Create the easiest sandbox for your kids without having to build anything.


(7) Save money by making your own sidewalk chalk paint.

(8) Make time for learning this summer with some simple goals.  Our family always does school work in the summer.  We aim for the morning hours.  You can see more on that here: Why we do work in the summer.

(9) Put together a day of fun for your kids.   (let your kids make the list like this one by holly Mcberty & her kids.
FullSizeRender (2)

(10) Create a fun ocean scene with your little ones.

(11) Have fun indoors with different activities.  Set up a play, have a dance party, build & create…  the list goes on & on!

(12) Spend time together on a family vacation.   Camp out, go away for a weekend, or head on a full out family vacation.  If you are spending time together, it is a good choice.

(13) Play Minute to Win It together.  This one is my favorite (try to get the cookie from your forehead into your mouth in one minute… without using your hands!)

FacetheCookie copy

(14) Put the phone down and enjoy the moments.  Have a no-phone week.   We love our no-tech weeks, because it brings the kids closer together.

(15) Have fun with easy prep activities this summer.   This one by Always Autumn is so much fun!


(16) Teach your kids some fun sidewalk chalk games.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.
Chalk Box copy

(17) Take day trips together!  We like to travel to neighboring cities or into the downtown area & just explore & learn.

(18) Go camping– in your living room!  Really!  This is one of our kid’s favorite things to do.   A giant sleepover!

(19) Keep it simple and paint rocks this summer.   Beau could paint rocks all day long.  We even have this book about different ways to paint them (yep- really!)

(20) Create a summer fun schedule.

(21) Make ice boats together with a little foil as the “river” and your ice cubes as your ‘boat’.   Race them down a hill for even more fun!

(22) Visit the local parks together.  Our kids love to go to different parks.   We go at least 3 times a week!

(23) Have fun with some science experiments.  Our favorite:  Baking soda & vinegar (baking soda in a cake pan & sprinkle food-colored vinegar on it for little colored eruptions.

(24) Create weekly themes of fun for your summer.

(25) Make your own popsicles.

mixed popsicles with fruit and coconut water

What fun activities do you have planned for this summer?

Here is a book that we have that our kids LOVE!



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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing a couple of my posts! Summer truly is the most wonderful time of the year!