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How much time do you spend online during the day?

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How has technology changed the way that you parent?  Do you find yourself online often during the day?  Do you always have your phone with you?

>I was thinking the other day about how much things have changed. I never saw my Mom on the computer (I think I was in high school before we got one) :). She was rarely on the phone for very long (& only in the kitchen if she used it- since it was attached to the kitchen wall) and the only show that I ever saw her watch was Guiding Light when I was little and then Oprah once I got older. She would read books or sit on our back porch to relax (or play games with us- which I think I have carried on to our house- I love to play board games with our kids!)
So we pretty much had her undivided attention at home, in the car, out running errands…

I wanted to know what other Mom’s thought on the issue, so I ran a poll on a local website in our area, for Moms in our area and here were the results:

 How much do you spend online/on the phone a day? (during your child’s awake time)

2-3 hours a day……..   42% (26 votes) 

1-2 hours a day……..   31%  (19 votes)

Less than 1 hour……    26%  (19 votes)


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