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These Handprint plates for Christmas are so much fun!

This first plate is from Keri at Living in the Season:  “I always love adding in something homemade. We decided to make them Reindeer Christmas plates this year and it was so simple and cute! You can find the plates on the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, Thrift Store, etc.

reindeer plate


– Pick out a plate
– Purchase paint (I used acrylic)

To make this reindeer I used my baby’s foot print and the older 2 children’s hand prints. Last year we made one using the footprint of the toddler to be a Christmas Tree and the hand print of my oldest was a reindeer.

Create your design and then place plate in oven on the rack. Bake 300 for 30 minutes. Leave the plate in the oven until it is completely cool- then you are finished!”


Here are 10 more plate ideas…
10 handprints & footprints

1- This little Family Tree plate is so cute!   I love anything that includes the whole family!

2- I love the handprint Christmas tree, too!   You can easily do this with Pebeo paints & a Pebeo marker.

3. These mistletoes are just about the cutest thing ever!    If you aren’t going to be washing it often (leaving it as simply decoration), these paints are beautiful and do a great job.

4. Penguin feet plate– how sweet is this?   You could write something really sweet like “You are one COOL grandpa!”

5. You are better than a Hole in One!  I love this- so unique and would be great for a golfer!

6. This EAT, PRAY, LOVE platter is beautiful and all that you need is a platter, stencils, a sharpie and an oven.

7. The Grinch footprint is hilarious and would be so fun on a plate (maybe even a Cookies for Santa plate to keep at Grandma & Grandpa’s house)

8. This Jesus in the manger is so sweet!  I could not find an original source for this image, but I did find a reader’s comments on Pinterest of how she was able to make it:   Buy a white ceramic plate from the Dollar store.  Buy paint and a sharpie (you may need an oil sharpie to write on ceramic).   Paint their hands and draw the rest with the marker.    You can get an easel anywhere.

9.  How fun is this Olaf footprint?  It isn’t on a plate, but it is cute just the same and could easily be on a plate!

10. A ‘family tree’ painting would be so sweet, too. Use your hands to make the tree & your fingers are the branches.

Bonus #11.  I loved this little Christmas Wreath Plate, but I could not find instructions anywhere online.   I think that it is self explanatory (and I am not crafty, so I’m sure that you would do better than me anyway!) 

ps- Don’t forget about Stocking Stuffers! 
50 stocking stuffers the kids will LOVE!

Thanks for the reindeer plate idea from Keri at Living in the Season:  Do you want more DIY gifts?  Check out her DIY GIFTS board on Pinterest!   Here are some of her other favorite DIY Gifts.

A little more from Keri:  As a mom of 3 little ones, I have slowly come to realize that everything has its season. The endless nights of a crying infant, potty training your toddler, tantrums, hugs and kisses… they are all small moments in time.  Time that moves on ever so fast. As time flies by, we have to take hold of these moments- even the insane screaming ones- and remember it is just for a season.  So here I am, sharing my moments of this season along with some of my passions: Activities with Kids, DIY Projects, and more!



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