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I had to tell you about a few great coupon deals going on right now! Ā Some of you already coupon, so you know how easy it is and how much it can save. Ā If you are just getting started, check out my post on How to organize coupons and tips for using them.

This week, in the paper, there are a bunch of great ones! Ā This past Sunday our paper had over four stacks of coupons, just waiting to be used. Ā (And now that the holidays are over, a lot of us are trying to really save money!) Ā After all the presents and family gatherings, money is can be a bit tight.

So, as I was saying, there are a lot of great coupons circulating! Ā CVS is one that I had to share because right now they have coupons worth $51 in savings. Ā Plus, it is all on healthy essentials products, which is what most of us are trying to do, along wtih saving money: get on a healthier road.

Some of the coupons include AVEENOĀ® lotions and ListerineĀ® mouthwash, Childrenā€™s Tylenol and more. Ā  (I LOVE AVEENOĀ® products, especially for our little one’s dry skin during the winter.)Ā Banner2

You can find these coupons in your local paper, so try to get them while you can and head to CVSĀ to get the savings while they last!


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  1. I love to save money, but it is more important to our family to watch the ingredients in products. Unfortunately, a lot of the lotions, shampoos, and such sold at pharmacies do not have the most natural ingredients. Although occasionally, we have found a great deal on a more natural product at some pharmacies. It’s really hit or miss.

  2. Those are great coupons! I love aveeno! Its the only product that keeps my skin moist!

  3. CVS is my all time favorite drugstore to shop at…with or without coupons! It’s convenient, the people that work there are always friendly, I feel good about the prices and savings, and I can usually find exactly what I need!

  4. I love shopping at CVS. They have great sales, and with my value card, I always have extra bucks to spend. Thanks for notifying me about the zyrtec coupon- its expensive and every little bit helps!

  5. This sounds really great! Thank you for letting us know and get advantage of these coupons!

  6. This weeks coupons rocked! I am a couponer, with three kiddos I always look for ways to streach a buck.

  7. This is my first time visiting you, and I will be checking back often to see what other deals you find! Here’s to saving a few cents (so I can spend it elsewhere!)

  8. Nice thanks for the links! I do love my coupons and CVS really has treated me well with stacking.

  9. Oh I need to check my paper and go to CVS. Thanks for the heads up