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When you find out that your child needs glasses, it can feel overwhelming. Finding the perfect glasses for kids (ones that they won’t tire of quickly) can be tricky. Three of our four kids wear glasses, so we tried a lot of glasses before we learned about glasses with changeable frames. When Pair Eyewear reached out to suggest a partnership where I could share my previous experience, I immediately said yes because I knew it was something I wanted parents to know… and something I wish I had learned about years ago. 🙂

Girl with dogs & pair eyewear glasses

With two kids already in glasses, I knew the signs. Beau, our first child, makes me ask the question, “How do I know if my child needs glasses?” He showed several signs that led us to make an appointment, and sure enough, he needed glass. 

The next child to need glasses (years later) was our daughter, Allie. She demonstrated signs when she started to get headaches while reading or working online at school, and her glasses made a huge difference. 

allie with dogs & pair eyewear glasses

So, when our son, Ethan, started complaining of headaches at the beginning of the school year, I felt he was headed down the same path. I made him an appointment with our optometrist, and she confirmed my suspicions: He needed glasses.

Now for the tricky part… finding a pair of glasses he would like. We spent a lot of time trying on glasses for boys and glasses for teens, but he didn’t find any that he really liked. Either he didn’t like how he looked in them or said they weren’t comfortable. He hoped to find glasses that fit like one’s go-to hat, favorite pair of jeans, or the comfiest socks

The following day, after talking to my mom about our disappointing visits to several optical shops, my mom sent me a text with a link to Pair Eyewear. They looked perfect- they have glasses with changeable frames. I remembered seeing them on Shark Tank, so I was familiar with the idea. I spent some time researching Pair Eyewear reviews and found that everyone loved them, so we decided to try them.

changeable frames glasses

They were a HUGE hit with our son. Our daughter also asked if she could get them after her next eye appointment. Everyone loved them.

In fact, we like them so much that I am ordering a pair for myself. So… I wanted to share the info today because it can be hard to find glasses for kids (and glasses for teens or adults, too!).

How does Pair Eyewear work?

It’s genius and perfect for just about everyone. Typically, when picking out a pair of glasses, I tell our kids to try to choose a style that will work with almost everything while still trying to find a pair that fits their personality. That’s hard to do, but that’s where Pair Eyewear comes in.

First, you choose your standard glasses for around $60 (this includes the RX… and they are cute just like this). Next, you can select “Top Frames,” which are frames with magnetic pieces that attach to the front of the standard glasses (which also have small magnetic pieces). These top frames allow you to change up your look.

FIRST: Choose your BASE frame. (Your standard pair of glasses)

You will select the base frame for around $60, including the prescription. This base frame includes your single-vision lenses, which are scratch resistant, and an anti-glare coating. You could wear just the base frame (since this is what you would typically get at any optical shop) or get “top frames” to add to it. 

When picking the base frame, you can use their virtual try-on feature & fit guide to help you find the best pair for your face shape. You will choose the following: 

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Style

… then you select your prescription type:

  • Single-vision
  • Progressive
  • Readers
  • Non-prescription

… and where you can upgrade your lenses to either:

  • Premium Plus (high-powered, ultra-thin lenses)
  • Blue-light-blocking lenses
  • Light-responsive transition lenses

Step 2: Choose the lensless TOP frame (or several!)

Add personality to your Pair with Top Frames! This is where “One Pair of Glasses, Infinite Possibilities” comes into play. These top-frames do not have lenses (Unless you choose the SUN top, which has the sunglass lenses in them).
See my photo below: Ethan picked the clear-colored base frame and the black top frame (along with others.)

These changeable frame glasses give you so many options! They have cute glasses for girls, boys, teens, adults, etc. HUNDREDS of swappable Top Frames instantly snap onto your Base Frame.

You can choose from classic to bold and everything in between. They have seasonal, movie-themed,sports-themed, and more. You can find coastal glasses online at Pair Eyewear & even sunglasses that fit over glasses. Switch up your everyday style with unique patterns, bold colors, Sun Tops, and classic staples! They have so many to choose from!

Step 3: Send them a picture of your prescription.

It couldn’t be easier! The final step is giving them your prescription by uploading a photo of your RX or entering your eye doctor’s information (Pair Eyewear will reach out to them.)

Pair Eyewear Coupon Code–>> YMF10OFF

Use the coupon YMF10OFFfor Pair Eyewear to get 10% off your purchase. Go to Pair Eyewear, pick out your glasses, and enter YMF10off at checkout. You’ll see ten percent come off of your total.

How Do Top Frames Attach to Base Frames?

The magic is in the magnets. Two invisible, ultra-lightweight magnets cover the frames’ top left and right corners, firmly attaching the lensless Top Frame or Sun Top Frame to the lensed Base Frame.

My favorite part – The Sunglass Top Frame option!

My favorite part of the glasses, other than the changeable glasses frames, is that they offer a sunglass top frame, so they become sunglasses over glasses.

It’s hard to find sunglasses that fit over glasses, so this was the perfect solution. They look like regular sunglasses.

You can see (in the video above) how I took blue base frames and selected a sunglasses top frame as one of my top frames.

Our Final Pair Eyewear Reviews

I don’t typically write about brands or products here, but I had to share this because I have spent so much time and money on glasses for our kids in the past. I found that I could walk away with one pair of glasses that looked like three different pairs of glasses, plus prescription sunglasses, for around $150- that’s impressive. (I’ve spent between $250-$400 on each pair of glasses from our optical shop in the past, so this was a considerable saving for so much variety.)

It has been almost a year since we first tried Pair Eyewear glasses, and they are still going strong. We have not had any issues with them.

Girl with dogs & pair eyewear glasses

I’m ordering a pair this week since I just went for my annual eye appointment and received an updated prescription. After seeing how well they have worked out for our son, I am also excited to receive mine.

Pair Eyewear Coupon Code–>> YMF10OFF

Use the coupon YMF10OFFfor Pair Eyewear to get 10% off your purchase. Go to Pair Eyewear, pick out your glasses, and enter YMF10off at checkout. You’ll see ten percent come off of your total.

Life is too short for boring glasses! 😉

Girl with dogs & pair eyewear glasses

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