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Oh boy!  I had to share this gift guide for 3 year old girls because we have a birthday girl in our house!   I love no-gift birthdays, but today I am sharing a gift roundup.

A young girl in a white dress holding a wrapped gift with text above her.

Today is here… ¬†Our little girl has turned three. ¬† She has been such a sweet little girl and her big brothers have been so happy to have a little sister, to play with her and to just love being with her…¬†and so have we.

We have gone from this: ¬†(It’s a girl!)¬†
Another baby

To this… ¬†(It’s almost time!)¬†
having the baby

To this… ¬†(Isn’t she beautiful!)
baby up all night

To this… ¬†(One year old already!)¬†

allie of mine

To this… ¬†(Our beautiful Princess is two and wearing her first ponytail… & tiara!)
sleeping baby girl

To this… Almost three!¬†
she doesn't know she's beautiful
To this (Our no-longer-a-two-year-old, ¬†wearing her first “Elsa braid” and hanging out with her best friend/cousin):
a & L

Where does the time go? ¬†Our sweet little Allie B is THREE! ¬† ¬†Three years old! ¬†Seriously? ¬† ¬†She is so sweet (and still the baby of the family… and she knows it! ¬†Well – some days she is “a big girl” but if she wants held or needs something, she lets us know “I a baby.”

So… ¬†because this little girl has three big brothers, and she is the first little girl in our family, we are pretty new to buying little girl gifts:
kids                                           Affiliate links included below for some great gift ideas!

That’s where Allie came in! ¬†She helped me pick out her FIVE favorite birthday gifts and I’ve made a list for you. ¬†Here is Allie’s list of the best gifts for three year old girls

1).  Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up Set: 
2. The Frozen Sisters:  Anna & Elsa Royal Sisters Doll

3. Play Doh castle set¬†¬†– our kids love PlayDoh. ¬†It is a daily thing at our house, so I was’t surprised by this one. ¬† It is adorable, ins’t it? ¬† I had never seen it before!

4. Magnetic Calendar:  My first calendar
I love doing a daily calendar.   We work on the calendar right after breakfast in the morning.  It is a fun way to kind of structure the morning & start the day out nicely.
71WwMDpMt0L._SL1110_5. Pretend & Play School (her big brothers to school and she likes to be the teacher when they play.   This is a hit when friends come over.   I think that every child loves to play school at one point or another.  (I can remember lining up my dolls and playing school Рwhich is funny, because I grew up to become a teacher!)

Oh… and the absolute, very best gift that you can give her…. ¬†TIME!!!!

Really- if nothing else, take her out for ice cream or to her first movie at the movie theater. ¬†Take her out to a park and play with her. ¬† Take her shopping or paint her nails in your bathroom while you sing silly songs. ¬†Tell her stories about why you love her. ¬† You can spend your money like crazy, but if you don’t spend your TIME like crazy, too… it just isn’t worth it.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Allie Elizabeth! ¬† (Ps- we “named” her before we were even married… I had loved the book, The Notebook, so much that I always knew Allie would be our daughter’s name one day)


best 1st birthday gift

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