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I love to share my favorite gifts every year!  This year, I’ve picked some AMAZING toys & gifts for your kids… and for you!

Gift guide book.Thank you to all of the amazing companies for working with us to share these with you.
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Holidays are a great time to give and thankfully, we have been blessed with so many opportunities to give.  Between the Angel Tree at our Church, the Happy Birthday Jesus party that my friend hosts (where we gather toys and then my friend takes them to families in need), and many local schools, I’ve been able to share many of these gifts.   These are our top picks… my favorite things.   I’m glad that I have the opportunity to share them with you today.

A close up of person wearing mittens holding a wrapped present.
Here they are… in no particular order. ♥

FOR THE BABY (and the new parents!):

  • Hands-free pump – gosh I wish these things were around when I was nursing my kids… the Freemie pump allows you to go about your daily business without having to be tied down to your pump!
  • Baby Mittens – these waterproof Stonz mittens are AMAZING! They stay on like a dream and are so warm and insulated to keep your baby comfortable out in the snow!
  • Baby Food Maker – The Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe automatically steams and blends in one easy step!  Make up to 3.5 cups of homemade baby food in the same bowl with the push of 1 button. Baby food mixer.
  • Carseat/Stroller cover – you don’t have to be stuck inside your house on cold days! Get out and get you and baby some fresh air while still being bundled up! This carseat and stroller cover from 7am Enfant is designed with both safety and warmth in mind!
  • Pacifiers – these PhysioForma pacifiers by Chicco are a great option to comfort your little one.
  • Teethers – all babies love to chew, why not let them chew in style with these adorable teethers from Perry Mackin!
  • Bottle Warmer – this bottle warmer from Baby Brezza is GREAT for formula OR breastmilk!
  • Tranquilo Mat and Baby Massage– these are the PERFECT gifts for newborns (and their sleep deprived parents!)A woman sitting on a bed with a baby sleeping beside her.


Cozy Christmas Pajamas

It’s a holiday tradition in our house that the whole family gets matching pajamas for the holidays. They make for some ADORABLE family photos  (we’ll see how long my kids keep letting me get away with making them match haha)!

Wishing Pixies

More than a toy, app, or game, it’s a parenting tool that helps families create and reinforce positive and healthy behaviors for their child and raise emotionally strong, mindful, and confident children who believe in the power of positive thoughts.  Children use the mobile app and parents use a responsive website to manage the interactions with their children acting as the pixie doll. Parents can assign daily affirmations, tasks, and meditations for children to complete to receive pixie dust that can be used to earn a reward.A screen shot of a video game


The Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio
The Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio has been redesigned to hold even more of your favorite mess-free coloring tools! Now there’s more storage for markers and space to keep a Color Wonder stamp pad and stamps. Perfect for on-the-go creativity! Includes a bigger 30-page Color Wonder pad and 4 mess-free markers.
A coloring book on a table.

Selma’s Dolls
Selma’s Dolls are adorable!   I actually ordered one for my daughter and my niece.  They are the sweetest! These dolls come with books that teach our children so much!  They were formed when two moms realized a conversation needed to be started with their young children about accepting and learning from people of all different backgrounds, races, cultures, and religions.    These ragdolls include a Muslim friend, a Mexican-American friend, and a friend with Down syndrome.   The dolls help to teach little ones about differences through a doll that may, or may not, look like your child.   I love that it teaches children that differences are beautiful & friendships can be made regardless.
A toy dolls sitting on top of a table.

Plus-Plus Holiday Tube
Keep kids busy after they’ve finished their food with the Plus-Plus Holiday Tube! This boredom-busting, holiday-themed tube includes all the materials and instructions kids need to craft a custom project. Choose from a candy cane, elf, or wreath and get crafty! Find it on Amazon.

Charlie Kids School Backpack
Send your kids back to school in style with this adorable backpack from Perry Mackin!Backpack and Bag

Learning Resources®’ Pendulonium™ STEM Challenge
Introduce kids to concepts of force and momentum with the STEM-centered challenges of this fun hands-on activity set.  Kids launch balls towards goal cups with the help of a three-piece adjustable pendulum

A close up of a toy

Squishy Squashy Playtime!

Each snow-globe shaped Playfoam® Pal pod features sparkly, snow-colored Playfoam AND a hidden Playfoam Pal! Kids crack open the pod and dig through the squishy, squashy Playfoam to find their new friend – then use the Playfoam to sculpt a nest, bed, perch, or any other play prop they need to create a cozy world for their collectible critter. Playfoam never dries out so the fun – and creativity – never ends. Find it on Amazon.
A group of plastic animals sitting on top of a table

Very Hungry Caterpillar
Little ones will love this sweet game version of Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar! Kids take turns moving their caterpillars from fruit to fruit, collecting a unique butterfly puzzle piece each time they stop to eat. The first player to collect five pieces uses them to build a beautiful butterfly!
Find it

Walkie Chalk
Stand up to Draw! Walkie Chalk is the first sidewalk chalk holder that allows kids, parents, and grandparents to draw big creative things.  The Chalk is included!
A little girl using chalk to color on the cement.
Creation Crate
Introducing STEM subscription boxes that can teach you electronics, coding, engineering and high-level problem solving.
Learn how to build engineering projects and program electronics with instructions and components sent to your door each month.

Super Spinner
Super Spinner® is a contemporary upgrade on outdoor swinging. The round curved seat, adjustable double-braided
ropes and weather-resistant clips are designed for a safer, more comfortable ride. Super Spinner holds multiple patents and is
designed so kids can swing and spin from a tree, a playset or a secure structural beam.

Two  small children sitting  back to back on a  round plastic swing.

My Fairy Garden 

A toy that’s also a real, live garden! Children love kits that allow them to grow plants at home because it gives them a connection to nature and a sense of satisfaction at having nurtured a living thing.
A child\'s garden set in a plastic bowl with garden tools and decorations on a table

New mini-vehicles join Automoblox®, the award-winning line of high-quality collectible toy vehicles that innovate the classic
wooden toy car category. Sporting a body made of European beech wood and multiple interchangeable components, including tires and wheels, its mix-and-match creative design is easy enough for kids as young as 4 to get in on the fun. and the cool, collectible designs appeal to older kids and adults as well.  No tools required!


Fizzy Magic
These are a great stocking stuffer!  FIZZY MAGIC are bath bombs with a difference…a bath fizzy that that delivers new fun
and learning to bath time….and bedtime too! Since children always love surprises,  each fizzy comes with a clue to guess, and once that surprise appears, the play goes on with a toy and fun fact. Even better, that happy experience continues with a story,
perfect to start in the bath and continue in bed…a seamless transition from bath towel to pajamas.

Project your favorite movie on the side of the house or on the garage door with the pocket-sized kid-friendly projector.  Look at this cute picture that I found from OurMessyNest on Cinemood’s Instagram feed… (having a fun living room campout!)A boy sitting in front of a tent.

Karaoke Microphone
This portable Bluetooth enabled rock-star-in-the-making product connects to your phone to play music anywhere! Even better? Download a Karaoke app from the app store and let the fun begin!    A close up of a child\'s toy.


A group of toys on a table.

Kullerbü Construction Site Set

It’s not a train, but it has interchangeable tracks and accessories. Ingeniously designed to work with balls and/or cars, the Kullerbü system grows along with the children and offers endless hours of family entertainment. After all, children learn while playing; setting up the tracks tests their creativity and cause and effect thinking. (see photo above) 

Jet Duck Create a Pirate
This battery operated jet duck has interchangeable pirate-themed accessories that speeds through the tub while firing water!  (see photo above) 

Pete the Cat Missing Cupcakes
Find the Missing Cupcakes! Join Pete the Cat and his friends as they work together to get the missing cupcakes back from Grumpy Toad. Players collect colorful cupcakes as they sing songs, act out physical activities, and identify favorite animals, foods, and words in this fun board game. It is a game of luck, memory, and cooperation that changes every time it is played. Children will want to play again and again.  (see photo above)

Educational Insights Bright Basics Bath Blocks
Construct a floating castle with foam pieces that stack on the included base and stick to tub tile!  This set features 20 floating foam pieces including 4 sea creatures and a floating play base, and parent activity guide.  (see photo above)

Toddler Tower Adjustable Stool

The Toddler Tower Adjustable Stool is the perfect solution for getting your child up to the action at the counter, table, or sink with an added sense of security! This sturdy step-up stool is designed with safety in mind as high sides surround the child and aid in balance. Non-skid rubber stoppers secure the base and prevent sliding, and the durable double wall construction is easy to clean and quickly assembles in less than 5 minutes. A person standing in a kitchen with a child on a stool helping put ingredients in a bowl.

Game play soars to all new heights with a tumbling take on traditional dominoes! 



A text with a variety of educational  gift ideas.

Learn to Read With… Bob Books® and Bob Books®
Kickstart your child’s path to reading with Bob Books® and VersaTiles®. Available in Sight Words, Beginner and Advanced Beginner, these sets are perfect for children to work on their reading skills. Alongside these books, children can practice the skills they are learning by doing VersaTiles® activities. This tried and true, puzzle-like practice system creates a hands-on way of reviewing what they are learning in their Bob Books®

Educational Insights Playfoam Combo 8-Pack: SCULPT ANYWHERE! No-stick Playfoam is perfect for sculpting squishy, squashy creations anywhere and anytime!  SHAPE AGAIN & AGAIN! Just squish up the Playfoam, shape it however you like, then squash it back down and start all over again!  NEVER DRIES OUT!

ABA Magnetic Game Creature Creations: Beastly puzzling amusement that will stimulate creativity and laughter with silly effects and accessories. The handy cardboard carrying case and magnetic pieces make this set ideal for travel and easy clean up.

Junior jet-setters can explore the world with Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin! It is an updated version of the bestselling Talking Globe provides a high-tech, hands-on, interactive introduction to geography.

The Big Fun Kindergarten Workbook  or The Big Fun Preschool Workbook
Highlights™ Big Fun Workbooks include over 250 pages of imaginative puzzling, humor, and whimsical illustrations that will engage children and help them to build confidence. Each book also features a rewarding certificate of completion at the end, in addition to simple tips to help parents guide their children through the activities in these workbooks.

Brain Blox – Toys for Happy Brains!
This thoughtfully designed, all-natural, open-ended building toy builds confidence & creativity, teaches math & engineering concepts, and develops problem-solving & reasoning abilities.  Brain Blox Wooden Building PLANKS help children build healthier, happier brains.  Includes 200 solid wood planks, a Building Ideas Booklet and a Canvas Drawstring Backpack for easy storage or convenience on the go!A close up of wooden building toys.

Pendulonium™ STEM Challenge
This hands-on activity set challenges kids to send the included launch balls flying toward goal cups and targets with the help of a three-piece adjustable pendulum. What seems like a collection of simple tasks will actually challenge each child’s engineering, problem solving, and critical thinking skills as they play around with early physics concepts such as force and momentum in search of the ideal solution.

Magnets! Super Kids Science Kits, 9 Stem Experiments & Activities, Make Magnets Float, Move A Train, and Build A Compass
box full of magnetic story fun. Children can punch out the 90 different magnets and use the four backgrounds.


Lunchbox Hydration Backpack

The perfect travel/outdoor/hiking/adventure hydration pack that has a rapid refill system to allow your teen to stay hydrated while outside.  It also has a ton of storage space to hold all of those extras that we need while on an adventure!

A close up of a lunchbox.


Cozy Home Decor from the Property Brothers!

We love the Property Brothers in our house and they’ve got a great new line of products called ScottLiving sold at Kohls! There are so many options to choose from, here are some of our favorites: we love this super soft throw pillow, this warm blanket, and this amazing smelling candle. They all made for the ULTIMATE cozy night in with my family – I’m giving all of these things as gifts this Christmas!


This is a dog lover’s dream come true! Bissell’s BARKBATH Dual Use makes at-home grooming and clean up a breeze. This multi-purposed machine quickly, quietly and efficiently cleans a dog’s fur and skin and can transition to power through messes left behind on a pet parent’s soft surfaces, like carpets and upholstery.A person kneeling next to a dog.

Bath Bombs

New MomBombs for the the bath – created by a working mom in Boston seeking relief from a serious medical issue – feature gorgeous, elegant packaging and Argan oil and essential oils to provide indulgent relief from a stressful day. A portion of every sale of MomBombs helps mothers in need such as house cleaning or meal delivery services, child care, etc., through, a non-profit giving organization that lends a helping hand to moms who find themselves in a life-changing event and need some support.A close up of bath bombs on a table.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses-
These are the PERFECT gift for anyone in your life who spends much of their day looking at a screen. The great (no magnification) lenses block out the harsh blue light that screens emit and help to lessen eye fatigue!

These are a great gift for any fashionista in your life. The classic aviator style looks great on any face shape!

Downton Abbey DVD
We LOVED the Downton Abbey series and were so excited when we heard there was a movie coming out! The DVD comes out on December 17th – perfect timing for a holiday gift for the Downton fan in your life!

BEAUTIFUL Holiday Wreaths
I learned my love of holiday decorating from my mom, I knew that when I found this beautiful wreath from Bradford Exchange, I HAD to have it for my front door (and I had to get one for my mom too!!)

A close up of a Christmas wreath.


Precidio Multi Flask 7-in-1   

7 different types of drink bottles in one system, reducing CLUTTER in your cabinet! Just assemble the Multi Flask with the desired included parts to get a perfect bottle for each drink. Use it as an 11 oz double wall tumbler for hot coffee with glass inner sleeve, or Hot Tea with INFUSER for either Green Tea, or Black Teas. Or use it as a 20 oz. tumbler for cold drinks like Fruit Infusions, Powdered Sports powder drinks which work with the shakable “Agitator” attachment to keep them stirred up. In the sport-drink mode, you can use the soft silicone spout to protect you from bumping your teeth while drinking and exercising

A close up of water bottles with fruit in the water.

Hungry Fan 3 in 1 Fangating Thermal Bag
We just used this (to take food in the car for a four-hour trip) and it worked like a charm!  It kept the food cold the entire time!   The Hungry Fan Three-in-One Thermal Bag that can not only keep food and drinks hot or cold, BUT it also serves as a slow cooker without needing power, fuel or batteries. Without needing another stove or oven or burners, you can make everyone’s favorite green bean casserole and more this year! 

An insulated holder for a pot.


 And… to clean up after all of that FUN!!!

We love the 3in1 Stick Vacuums from BLACK+DECKER are compact and convenient choices for housework. With a 24V MAX version that achieves up to 38 minutes of runtime and a 20V MAX version that achieves more than 30 minutes of runtime, they each feature two power modes and offer powerful cleaning for everyday messes.  Whether you’re prepping for the holidays or just handling the day-to-day at home, they’re a great choice for quick, spot cleaning as well as a convenient option for deep cleaning.
We loved it so much that we actually ordered a second one to keep upstairs! 

 Cordless Mop on floor.




I hope that you found these to be helpful!

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