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Today I was checking my e-mail, and someone asked me “How can I find more time in my day? I can’t get everything done, and I feel like I’m falling behind.” It seems that this time of year, we all feel a little burnt out and tired (including me).

I want to give you something (for free) that will help.

Ultimate Bundles asked 75 of the smartest bloggers for their best productivity tips (the ones that are working for them right now)

These are real people with kids, jobs, and all the commitments of a busy life who are finding time for the things they love and are willing to share what they’ve learned with others.

The questions were:

  • What is one time-saving tip that you use personally to free up more margin for the activities and people you love?
  • What are your favorite productivity tools or services and how do you use them?
  • What are some refreshing hobbies or self-care habits that you’ve found can be incorporated into a busy schedule?
  • How do you use the small pockets of free time that appear throughout the day?
  • What would you say to someone who feels guilty taking time for themselves, especially when there’s so much to do?

They put their answers into this bookMake More Margin and they are giving it away (for free) for just a couple of days.

Download this book (free while they last) 

Free Productivity eBook


What would you do with a 25-hour day?   Squeezing more time out of the ol’ 24 hours a day – especially if you cook for your family every day, keep your house clean(ish), plus hold down a job to pay all the bills – is hard.

Here are 3 Ways that I Squeeze an Extra Hour Out of the Day


1- Stay up an extra hour or get up an hour sooner.

If you can do this (if your family is on a normal schedule… no one working nights and no one is sick), this is an easy solution. This is the time when I work on my blog, get things ready for the next day, check that I have signed everything in the kid’s homework folders, etc…

I like it because it is so quiet. I don’t have to stop to help anyone or to get anything for anyone except myself. I really get a lot accomplished (although I wish that I could do loud chores like vacuuming or unloading the dishwasher).

I just gained an extra hour in my day.


2- Give your children “quiet time” (if they are home with you during the day).

You need it. They need it. They may not nap. They may not even BE quiet, but they need alone time, in their rooms, to rest. I would set them up with one of these activities (find an indoor one) and I would let your child have some downtime. You can use this time to prepare dinner, clean the house, or just take a minute for YOU!

NOTE: Be sure that they are getting enough sleep, too!   Are they waking up at night?  or are they waiting up too early?  Give them the hours of sleep that they need.

3- Be prepared!  Be prepared before you go to bed.

 Get your kids ready for school faster or pack their lunches one time for the week… all things to get yourself ready to go sooner!   Being prepared will set you up for success the following day.

Download this book (free while they last) Free Productivity eBook
I hope it gives you a lot of great ideas! I can’t wait to hear what you think. (I just downloaded mine, as well!)

You’ve just gained an hour in your day.

When all else fails, just go for Curious George’s method & change the clock back an hour every night. You’ve just gained an hour! haha! (by the way- in that episode, I think the Man in the Yellow Hat almost went crazy- can you imagine?)…


A few more quick ideas to save you time in the mornings:
morning hacks



This post contains affiliate links, although everything in it is completely free. 🙂

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