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This is my all-time favorite movie house, as I am sure that it is many of yours, too.  I love this house!  It is so welcoming.   Even the song that they play in the movie when they introduce the home is great!

A large white house with grass in front.A large brick building with grass in front of a houseImage Source: Between naps on the porch

I love how this house has a gate on the driveway!  I have been trying to talk my husband into doing this at our house for about two years (putting a gate at the back of the driveway so that the kids can play at the top, like in this driveway).

I love the living room and how the couches face each other and are close to one other instead of being against the wall.   I do notice that they don’t have a TV in the room, but if they did, I”m sure it would be above the fire place.  I love the built ins and all of the white in the rooms.  I actually have these couches in our family room and I love them!

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place. Image source: Hooked on Houses
Here is the other side of this room.  (You can’t see the light blue grandfather clock on the other wall, but its beautiful, too!)

A group of people sitting around a living room.

The kitchen is great, too (a little cluttered for my tastes, but still a nice kitchen).  I like the white cabinets!

A group of people sitting at a table.Image: house beautiful

Did you see my other ones?   This one- Something’s Gotta Give house

And these few->>>> favorite movie houses
What is your favorite movie house?

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  1. I love, love, love that house!
    I also love the house from Its Complicated. Meryl’s kitchen is beautiful BEFORE the reno!

  2. I found your blog through the Lovin’ The Weekend Blog Hop and I immediately was drawn to this post because I, too, love this house and this movie! I’ve never sat and thought about my favorite movie house, but this is a fun, unique idea. I’m now going to give it some thought. I’m glad I found your blog. My little corner is I hope you come visit soon!

  3. LOVE the Father of the Bride house! A few years ago I read that it was for sale and took a look at the interior pictures. I was devastated to see that the interior was completely different than it looked in the film. I also love the house in What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford.

    1. Oh- you’re kidding!! Too bad it didn’t look the same b/c it was so beautiful & welcoming!

  4. I like different houses in movies and TV shows. I like the dad’s house in the original The Parent Trap. It was great looking, and the outdoor spaces and pool were nice, too. The house in a movie called Christmas in Connecticut was beautiful, too. It was the dream Christmas house, the way it was done. I think the apartment in I Love Lucy was cute. I think it was so much larger than an apartment would be, but it is from a TV show. The bedroom was just ok, though. I like elements of the house on The Andy Griffith Show, though not everything with it. I think the stone fireplace in its living room was very pretty, and the front porch was nice. The eat in white kitchen seemed homey and was cute. I like that the dining area and living room were in an open layout. The home feels realistic to small town life, though I know it did not all hold up over time in its style in some ways. The exterior look I like, too. I do like it as far as it seemed a realistic type of home someone might have in the rural south, although some of us have huge homes, too. :). The apartment in You’ve Got Mail I liked. I think it seems a little nostalgic and very personal and layered but not cluttered. I like some of the homes in Hallmark movies, especially the Christmas cabins and homes the actresses have in the movies. There is not really a certain house or cabin, just in general. I liked the apartment Doris Day had in Pillow Talk. I don’t have a 1960s home or the look, but I do like it when it is in a pretty way. I like more current styles, too.

    1. Hi,
      I love his house in The Parent Trap, too – and the land that surrounds it! Our daughter loves that movie. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve seen Christmas in Connecticut, but I’ll have to watch it. 🙂
      Another favorite is the house from The Family Stone- it’s so cozy & gives off such a feeling of nostalgia.

      Have a great day!