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This little hack is just about the easiest way that I have found to get food onto a ‘edible necklace

Use a NEEDLE to push your thread through just about any food!
food necklace

Tie a big knot or bow at one side, to stop the food from falling off.   This works for almost any food…


Give your kids different bowls of snacks. Teach them how to put the cereal on and when they are finished, tie the ends together for them.  (Our oldest two boys were able to use the needle)

kids making necklace


food necklace1

We had popcorn, goldfish, craisins and cheerios for our snacks – I had them lined up in different colored bowls on the table and the kids could pick which ones they wanted on their necklaces.

Ps- the popcorn was Skinny Pop (my favorite!  If you haven’t tried it… you are missing out!)

What could be better than a wear-able snack! (By the way…This would make a great snack for that walk that you are going to take! No need to stop to eat- you have that part covered!)

Ps- in the end, our kids just got a little lazy and put on 100 Cheeriosnothing like real life to take over your cute Pinteresty idea, right?

finished necklace

Do you want another food hack?  Check out this one… 
kitchen hack

Or this one: 
A cup of oranges in a plastic container with juice in it and text above it.

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