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Thanks to Carol for sharing today’s post… Tips When Installing an Above Ground PoolThis Spring is rapidly approaching, you’re tired of winter and ready to be out in the back yard, smiling while you enjoy the pleasures of the water. It’s time to install an above ground pool, so you can jump in as soon as it gets warm.Spend some time learning what will be involved, and planning the installation – you’ll make the process a lot easier. Here are some tips about the installation of an above ground pool:

diy above ground pool tipsAre you prepared to install the pool yourself?
For the do it yourself (DIY) homeowner, installing an above ground pool sounds like a fairly straightforward project. For the person who is not inclined toward those sort of home projects, when they hear what is involved, it can look like a daunting task. Decide if you want to take on this type of project. Check out the video detailing the installation process at this site, or read the articles on installation found here and here.How big is the area for the pool?
Check out the back yard area, and determine how large a pool will fit. Allow extra space, so that there will be some room left in the yard for the barbecue or kid’s swing set. A pool may look one size in the pictures and descriptions, but then be too large when installed, and cramp the rest of the yard from other uses. Do some careful measuring and planning – it will avoid issues later.

Check out your budget.
You have calculated how large you need the pool to fit in the area you have available. Now you have to decide if that sized pool will fit into your budget. If the biggest pool is too expensive, size down on your choice – don’t sit by the pool worrying about how to pay for it.

Prepare the area.
Plan carefully at this point. If the ground is unlevel, and you add some fill dirt, the fill dirt will settle and compress, and may cause the pool to slump on one side. It is recommended that in preparation, digging down is preferred, to assure a level platform for the pool. As well, consider putting down a 2 inch layer of sand for the pool to rest on. A homeowner who doesn’t enjoy projects would be well served to get some help with this part.

Is a permit required?
Take care of this step well before the pool is installed, to make sure the pool will be in compliance with regulatory requirements. Some areas will require a permit for an above ground pool, while others will just require the poolowner to adhere to some regulations. When the pool is delivered and installed, you’re in compliance, and a permit is in hand if required.

Be sure to get the accessories.
The new pool has been delivered and installed, and the family is ready to jump in the water. But you forgot to buy a ladder. Now that is an awkward moment. Be sure to buy the ladder, a pool cover, pool lights around the area, and anything else that might be needed. Include those items when drawing up a budget for the project.

What is the water supply?
In the planning stages, determine how the pool will access fresh water. Talk to a plumber or poolexpert about how much water will be needed for the size of pool. Then figure out how water will be drained, and if a line needs to be installed for that purpose.

Just imagine that the above ground pool has been delivered, installed, and you’re now well pleased with the result. That’s the time to feel great about a project well planned and executed, and then smile as you watch the kids happily splashing and playing.

When Carol Atkins decided to take on writing articles freelance, her friends knew she would be a success at it – Carol is that way with taking on new endeavors. She really enjoys her time writing freelance articles, and yet still finds time for tennis and her bridge tournaments.

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