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Yesterday, I shared our idea for a 4-gift Christmas.   It is something they want, something they need, somewhere to go, something to read.   I love hearing what the kids want, what they are into and interested in.  I love hearing the games that they plan on playing once they get their “want”. 🙂

“Mom?  This year I think that I am going to take pictures of things that I want for Christmas, glue them onto a piece of paper and you can mail that to Santa, ok?”   Yep.  That’s the latest thing in the Mansfield house.   Now we are just sending pictures of what we want.   Haha!!

Everyone has something special on their list… and since Jack is now ten years old, he has become one of Santa’s special helpers, which works out perfectly since he can help Santa find a few surprises for our kids!

I can remember when I used to make my list for Santa, too.  I asked for those classics that I think we all had: Hasbro GloWorm, My Little Ponies (Allie has about 10 of these, so it’s nice that some things never lose their ‘cool factor’ for kids.)

Allie wants more ponies this year and a FurReal Friends Bootsie Pet.  I actually have a funny story about this.   I had Santa send some things to me from Toys “R” Us a little early, so I could put them up high in my closet and hide them well for Christmas morning. When you wave at it or tap her mouth with a treat, it makes fun expressions…. it even makes a “mad” face like this one:

A close up of a small stuffed animal.

I don’t want Santa to have to carry so much in one night, so we help out a little bit.   (Toys “R” Us is our go-to place because you can get everything you need from the FurReal Friends Bootsie Pet to the Duracell batteries that you will need in the four seconds after they open the toy.

Ps- the Duracell batteries are on sale from November 6 through November 12, so stock up!)  Anyway- when Jack was carrying the box upstairs for me (covered in a blanket), it “Meowed” at him.   He about jumped out of his slippers.  It was hilarious! He laughed for about 5 minutes… and so did I!

Ethan wants FurReal Friends, Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon (on sale 11/6-11/2 for $59.99, so that’s $20 off).  He has wanted this Dragon for about a year.   Not even kidding.  He keeps saving his money and asking “Do you think I have enough for Torch yet?”  The dragon will respond to touch with over 50 sound & motion combinations, so the kids just love them.   Plus, you feed him a color-changing treat and when you fill his tank with water, he breathes flame-colored mist.   He does some fun things when you touch his nose, too.    Yes, I really know all of this.  Like a said… it’s been a year in the making. 😉  If you get it, be sure to pick up Duracell 4 “C” batteries.

Beau was so cute this year.  He wants a two-dollar bill… and I’m pretty sure that Santa has one from when he was little!  😉
Beau will probably love playing with Torch, too.

Jack is getting older.   He wants a blue Kevin Durant jersey.  Since I have no idea who this is or what sport he plays, I’ll be leaving this one up to Santa for sure…. I hear Mrs. Clause isn’t so up to date on her sports.

All in all, I’d say it is going to be a fun Christmas morning in the Mansfield house.
PS- if you are working on your own list, remember to have Duracell batteries and a screwdriver handy on Christmas morning!

We actually get everything ready the night before: 


Now you can!  Simply leave me a comment below & let me know which one of MY kids’ lists match the closest to one of YOUR kids’ lists.    Just for fun!

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. My two older boys are the most like Jack this year! They both want soccer jerseys. One of them wants a Messi one and the other one wants Neymar Jr!

  2. Ethan list is closest to my son. He is already in the Holiday mood just like his mom

  3. Ethans list is closest to my daughters list. She really wants Torch this year!

  4. My second cousin samayra’s list is close to my other second cousin gia’s list. I hope I win this awesome giveaway. 🙂

  5. I believe my children (5, 3, 1) would best match Ethan’s list. They are currently into anything dinosaurs. The steam breathing dragon sounds like it would be right up their ally! 😉

  6. My daughter just turned 2 and loves cats. A fur real friend would definitely be a big hit with her.

  7. Ethan’s list is close to my middle granddaughters. She has Torch on her list and also a game called Lucky Ducks.

  8. ETHAN’s more matched what he wants for Christmas with a few more item mine has added to his list lol! I love your kids list!

  9. Adorable Allie’s list is closest to my daughters. She would be so thrilled to find a furreal friend under the tree on Christmas morning. We have a cat that is, well, a cat and a lazy one at that. It’s endearing and heartbreaking when she asks for a pet to play with that won’t run away. Thanks for the tip on the batteries, it’s good to have some of all sizes just in case a well intentioned relative doesn’t include them with an awesome toy your kids can’t wait to play with on Christmas Day. 😉