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I love to open the mailbox and find a Christmas card inside, waiting to be opened!  I love seeing the pictures of my family and friends.  I love seeing how they have changed over the past year.

Here are a few Christmas Card Ideas to help your card stand out this year.

1).  Write a great Christmas Letter-   My friend, Paula, at Beauty Through Imperfection  wrote a great post about this a few weeks ago.   Here is a sneak peek:

Have you ever wanted to send letters, but didn’t want to be one of those obnoxious people? Here are a fw tips for keeping your Christmas newsletter on the right track!

  1. Know WHY you are writing – Do you want to keep in touch with old friends/distant relatives? Wanting to share exciting news? Hoping for a letter in return? Just keeping with tradition? Define the reason for your letter in your mind before you start to write, this will help you stay focused and get your letter going in the direction that you envisioned!
  2. Be Honest…
    To read the rest of this post, go here… 

2).  Take great Card-Worthy Photos!  
A few months ago, I wrote a post about how to take great family photos with kids.
Oh- here is another post that I wrote with some of my favorite old Christmas card photos (like this one with our baby in a stocking!) 

3).  If you haven’t sent them yet, do so very soon.    The post offices are going to get very busy, so you will want to mail them out ASAP.

4).  Try to hand-write a little personal message in each card.  It may only be a few words (“miss you!”  or “See you in January!”  Or even “Loved the latest pictures that you sent via e-mail!”), but it will mean a lot.

How to write a GREAT Christmas Card that STANDS OUT!

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