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A new social circle through online gaming

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Online gaming isn’t something you’d necessarily think of if you were looking to expand your social network, but actually there’s one online game out there that more and more people seem to play for the social side more than anything else – and that’s online bingo.

Staying at home with the kids is a dream for most moms and if you’re lucky enough to be able to do so, you probably cherish every day that you have with them. However, that’s not to say you won’t have those times when you long for a little grown-up company – and that’s exactly what you can get when you play online bingo.

Bingo is great as you can play at any time – whenever you have a free moment. That means you don’t have to arrange a sitter for the kids so that you can have ‘time out’. You can take your time while they nap or watch their favourite show on TV. This way, you and the kids get to relax at the same time. There are many different bingo sites to choose from and a great bingo site not only offers a variety of different bingo games, but you’ll find a range of other easy and entertaining games on there too.

But the thing that is special about bingo is that as the game takes care of itself, it means you can play without needing to concentrate on the numbers (the software does that for you). Instead, you can spend your time getting to know other players in the online bingo chat rooms instead. The ‘conversations’ take place by typing in messages to the general chat that’s going on. Most players use acronyms and abbreviations to save themselves having to type too much. When you first enter a bingo chat room, you may wonder what’s going on, but you’ll catch on quickly to the lingo such as GLEV1 (Good luck everyone) and 3TG (3 numbers to go before I have ‘bingo’!)

The other appeal in playing bingo is that it is such good value. Games cost pennies to play and when you first make a deposit into a bingo site account, the site will usually give you a welcome bonus that matches or doubles the amount you put in. So a small amount of money will go a long way in keeping you entertained in bingo games. And on most bingo site schedules, there are plenty of free bingo games to play too – with real (even if small) cash jackpots to play for.

A game that is cheap (or free) to play, is easy and offers the possibility of socialising and maybe winning a huge amount of money – it’s no wonder so many people enjoying playing online bingo!

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