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It is about that time of the year again when the stores are flooded with back to school items and every parent wonders how to save money.  It seems next to impossible, as the lists are endless.  With all the items you need for school, the money can add up, today we wanted to share some helpful tips to help you save money on back to school supplies.

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How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies!

Shop with Schoola as you can get clothes and send in your old clothes!

Remember to shop online for back to school items!

Be willing to go to more than one store.

Shop the Target Dollar Spot– this time of year it is full of options for back to school!

Throughout the summer, bring your list to garage sales as you may be surprised at what all you can find.

When you are looking for school clothes, do not forget about online shops like Thred Up.

Do not forget about the Dollar Tree and shop for these things there!

Start shopping for school supplies as soon as you have the list!

Take time to do some research about where the best deals are.

Set limits with your kids. They do not need to have everything they want for back to school.

Check when tax-free weekend is in your area and shop during that time.

Shop around for school uniforms and you can find better deals.

Do not forget about shopping office supply stores.

Host a back to school swap to help trade clothes with friends.

Shop your home first and set up a supply center for when supplies run low.

What tips help you save money on back to school supplies?


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