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Our backyard has always been a place not just for our kids to play, but for all the neighbors to come and play.  However, the back yard and the toys, especially the swingset and playhouse, were starting to show their age.  Not to mention the grass… we had let it go over the past year.   

Mickey decided to do a total backyard renovation.  To do something that all of us could enjoy.  Here are some before pictures.

A swing set with a slide and a plastic playhouse in a back yard.

Side view of a swing set with a slide in the back yard.

Aerial view of a back yard with a swing set and a slide.

Now that the kids were getting older, we had to come up with a backyard plan that everyone was going to love.
We wanted a play area for the kids, playhouse for Allie, green grass & shrubs for us to look at (and provide some privacy).  So we come up with this plan.  

We ordered some things for the yard & Mickey picked up some TRUFUEL – here’s  where to Buy TRUFUEL
With TRUFUEL, he doesn’t have to run to the gas station, plus no more mixing and mess, or worrying if you got it right.   Just pour it in & start working.   It is available in 50:1 & 40:1 blends for 2-cycle equipment & 4-cycle for lawn mowers, power washers & generators.   He really made the yard look beautiful!!  He spent a few weeks planting new trees, working on the grass, trimming shrubs, trimming trees, etc… 

He and my dad added a heavy duty swing set that all of our kids and the neighbors could enjoy (and they do… every day!) 

A metal swing set with numerous swings and gymnastic rings.
​We did a TON of landscaping (well, my husband did a ton of landscaping).  He built a new sliding board that has a little fort area on the top… 

A slide and platform built into the hill side.

He added some plants and shrubs that would add privacy and look nice.   

Picture of lattice around a screened in porch.
 He made sure that they were low maintenance and native to our environment here in North Carolina.
A view of a swing set with a white storage shed in the background.

He & my dad also built Allie this adorable playhouse!   She loves it & plays in it all of the time.  She wants to make it a nail polish & makeup store, now that she is interested in all things makeup! :).  hahaha! 

A white and black playhouse with a front porch and windows.

The last thing on his list was to get the grass in the backyard to look more like our front yard.  Lush and green.   He does a great job at taking care of the yard.  He uses TRUFUEL in his lawn equipment.  It’s the original engineered fuel for outdoor power equipment.  

He uses TRUFUEL in the leaf blower, trimmers, chainsaws & more.   It helps things start faster, perform stronger & last throughout the winter because of the pre-mixed, ethanol-free fuel.   He just puts it into the equipment before stroring everything for the winter (that way, it will start up in the spring without any issues)…  learn more about the benefits of TRUFUEL

The result is a yard that everyone loves! 

A playhouse in a back yard.
Find out the reasons that we use TRUFUEL: why use Ethanol-free TRUFUEL
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