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School is back in session!   Our kids are having a blast!
Our boys are all in school… second grade, Kindergarten and Preschool.
Our daughter is still home with me, but soon enough, she will use these fun ideas, too! 

5 ways to spruce up your child's backpack

This year, our kids wanted to make their backpacks stand out a bit, so here are a few ways that we accomplished this.

1. Keychains

backpack 1Keychains are a fun way to make any backpack a little more personal.  Our kids all bought Disney Keychains when we went to Disney last year.  Our second grader bought one from our Hilton Head trip, too.  (He loves to collect them when we go on trips).
I just throw them on their backpacks.


2. Bless their backpacks

Having your child’s backpack’s blessed is just a little way to have YOUR CHILD blessed… watched over, prayed for.  Our church had a “blessing of the backpacks” day & it was really wonderful to see SO MANY children with their backpacks walking down to be blessed and prayed for by our congregation.

backpack blessing

backpack blessing 2

3. Wet Ones

Keep important things in there!  I keep a little pack of Wet Ones in the extra pocket of our boy’s backpacks (not to mention in my purse, our daughter’s diaper bag and a canister in my car!)   Giving the kids a little “travel pack”  is how I know that they are staying a little more “germ-free” when they are at school.  The Wet Ones singles are perfect for lunch boxes, too.  Wet Ones Wipes  kill 99.99 percent of germs, are hypoallergenic, and contain aloe and lanolin so they’re easy on skin for even the littlest of hands. They are available at mass, drug, and grocery stores nationwide. Find out more here. 

Their rules are:  Use one after you get into your classroom (after riding the bus) and use one before lunch when you reaching into your cubby grabbing your lunch box anyway.

backpack essentials 2

4.  Add fun tape

Add some tape to their backpack straps.   Our kids love to get creative, so adding some of that great decorative tape to the straps of your backpack is an easy way to add a little style.  (This picture is from Wishy Washi Tape, but you can find it anywhere!  Just get creative!  Look at Target, Walmart, Jo-Ann Fabrics or check online for a style that fits your child!)


5.  Crayon Roll-Ups

This is a really fun & easy way for our kids to keep crayons in their backpacks.  This one is the one that our daughter uses (I throw it in my purse for her to use when we are out or waiting some where.  It is equally as great to have our blue one so that our boys can use it when they have down time at school or when they are riding on the bus and want to start their homework or just draw a picture.
crayon roll up

Here area few pictures so you can see how to make them…

crayon rollup 2

crayon rollup 3

Fold it in half to roll it up 

crayon roll-up 4

The ribbon has velcro on both sides, so it can roll it up and velcro is shut. 

roll up 5


diy crayon roll up

Looking for more school ideas?  Check out this post on a few fun school games to play at home!


Or this one on how I teach our kids to spell our last name & learn their phone number:
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This is how I keep our school work organized:
organize school work

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. I need to try the tape idea- so smart! Thanks for the other tips, too. I am buying the wet ones wipes today to add to our kid’s backpacks- good idea with so many germs out there !

    1. Thanks! Our kids love doing this. 🙂
      Ps- yes- the Wet Ones are great in a backpack!!

  2. I love the tape idea! Our daughter loves anything pink, so this will let me give her a ‘pink’ backpack without having to buy a new one!

  3. So funny that you wrote this because I just sent in a HUGE container of Wet Ones for my son’s classroom, after reading your last post about Wet Ones. 🙂 Great minds think alike!

        1. Our church had them made somewhere- I have no idea (but I get that question a lot!!) Sorry!!
          You could call our church to find out? Williamson Chapel in Mooresville, NC.