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This week, I am sharing my favorite books.  I will be sharing one every day.  Today’s book is dear to my heart because it is by a wonderful author that I am proud to call ‘friend’. 


I have so many pregnant friends right now!    Have a baby is such a blessing.

My husband and I have four children.  We have lost one baby early in the pregnancy (read about that here: Blessings Through Raindrops), but we were blessed with a  baby girl a little over a year later.

Being a big brother or big sister is a really big deal!
I loved sharing the news with our kids!

Here is how we told our three older boys that they would be big brothers to their baby sister.

ere they are with their new baby sister (in 2012):
baby becomes big sibling

Well- I wish that I would have had my friends book before we had our fourth baby (or our 2nd, or 3rd, for that matter!)  It is full of great advice for Mom (or Dad!) 

Let me introduce my friend, Paula Rollo.  She blogs at Beauty Through Imperfection.  She is the sweetest person and we have become fast friends!

 paula @ beauty through imperfection 

Not a day goes by that we don’t talk.  We even started another blog together called Blogging on the Side.  It is a blog for bloggers.

Paula has two adorable children and she blogs about her life with children and offers encouragement for mothers everywhere.    She also has an awesome book:  When Baby Becomes Big Sibling

When baby becomes big sibling

I was lucky enough to read this book and I have recommended it to all of my pregnant friends.

Here is why I love it:
1- Paula has great ideas for preparing your older child for the new baby (gift ideas, talking to your child, etc…)
2- Paula has great ideas for MOM!
3- It offers advice for your 2nd child or your 10th child (& anywhere in between!)
4- She answers SO MANY questions that will be on your mind: Can I handle this?  How do I do this?  Will my older child be upset?  How do I divide my time?
5- Paula is SO REAL and so genuine.  What you see is what you get with her.  She tells it like it is, even the stressful parts and she tells you how to get through them.
paula book

It really is a great read and to top it off,  Paula is a money-saver like I am… so, she priced her books low because she knew that Moms would be spending money on must-have baby items.  (ps- this is a must-have mommy item!)

Most moms, including myself, worried about adding another child to the family because we didn’t want to make our oldest child feel bad about losing our attention, but she even addresses this issue:

book paula
I really can’t say enough about this book.  If you have a pregnant friend, sibling, daughter or know someone pregnant, this is a great ebook to buy for them.  If you are pregnant yourself (congratulations!) ~  this is a book that you need.

To take a sneak peek at this book, see it on Amazon.   You’ll be happy that you did!
When baby becomes big sibling

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