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Between four kids, running a business from home, taking our kids to multiple sports, etc… we have a hard time squeezing in so many errands.  To be honest, I’ve taken to doing a lot of my errands online (ordering groceries for pickup, ordering the kids books, etc…)

Today I’m working with Ibotta to share 5 Time Management habits of productive people, especially when they have errands to do (since errands can make or break the amount of time to do what you need to do in your day)

5 Time Management habits of productive people_ Running Errands

5 Time Management habits of productive people: Running Errands

I was talking to my friend, Julia, on the phone today, as I was running some of my errands.  Julia lives in PA and I live in NC (we were college roommates) so we try to catch up when the kids are in school and when we can multitask (running errands). 🙂  We ended up talking about how we both struggle to fit in everything on our to-do list because of all of the things that take up time, like running to the store, the library, etc…

So, today I’m sharing 5 tips to make running errands even more productive.

1- They use apps wisely (to order groceries, do banking, order items from stores, etc…)  They even pay with apps, like Ibotta.  Ibotta launches new offers each week, so it’s one that I go back to again and again.   Now that I use Pay with Ibotta, it saves me even more, time & stress. It’s so simple, which is why it’s working for people interested in being productive.  After you launch the Ibotta App, you just scroll down to Pay with Ibotta Retailers on the home screen.

5 Time Management habits of productive people_ Running Errands

It will walk you through what to do next…
You then select the retailer where you want to shop, add your debit or credit card when it asks for your payment method & you enter the total amount of your purchase at the checkout.

Screen shot of a receipt.
Unlike the other offers where you submit your receipt for credit when you use Pay with ibotta you’ll instantly receive cash back for your purchases.

It allows me to run my errands without taking my card into the store.  I just mark the amount into my app, then show the clerk my QR code or barcode, it works just like a gift card.  They scan it & that amount comes out of my account (which is linked to the debit or credit card). Easy!

A QR code on a cell phone.

2. They run their errands all at once.  If you have to go to the post office, the bank, the dump, and to get a gallon of milk because the kids finished it up at breakfast, do it all at once.  Spend five minutes planning out your day and your errands so you can accomplish more in less time. Aside from what you’ll save in gas money, you’ll also save yourself a lot of time.  

3.  They run their errands when the rest of the world is not running errands.  The rest of the word (more than 90% actually) will be running their errands on the weekends, so run yours on weeknights or in the mornings when the kids are in school.  This includes making calls to companies (Ex: cable company) and running to the store. You will avoid the traffic on the roads, the long lines in the store and the long wait times on the phone.  

4. Set up a Command Center in your home, but be sure to have an Errand Basket there (that can easily be transferred to your car).  Use it to keep things that need to go out: things to be returned to the store, things that need to be mailed, checks to be deposited, etc…  

Then, when you walk out to the car, take your basket with you.  I often put returns right into the car so the next time I am shopping at that store, I can return it right then & there and it will be off of my mind (and out of my car or errand basket)

5. Keep a list of things you need to pick up on the NOTES section of your phone.   This makes it easy to grab everything that you need the next time you are out. You won’t have to wonder what you need or run back home to grab your list.

Disclaimer: All offers were valid as of the publish date. Don’t forget to check your app for details as offers change frequently and may not be available in all areas”


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  1. Thanks for the tips!
    For #5, my husband and I do this- with a SHARED note between our phones. That way, both of us can see and edit the grocery/Walmart list!