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Our older kids know that during the week, we don’t have electronics (because it would make us late in the mornings and I want them to play outside in the afternoons after school), but on the weekends, they can’t wait to get their hands on them for some downtime.

Well, our daughter is in preschool, so she is allowed to have some ‘electronic time’ in the afternoon, while her brothers are still in school.   She usually wants to use her Kindle on the ride home from school and I normally allow it.  I think of it as her time to just rest… have some downtime, before we get a jump-start on the afternoon.

So… if it were up to Allie, she would watch Netflix movies or do dress-up games the entire time, so to combat that just a bit, I’ve added a bunch of fun educational apps to the Kindle, like these ones:


Allie is happy to play the same games every week without ever asking for a new one. 
The boys, on the other hand, can’t wait to see what latest & greatest games are available!

This week, I found a list of the most popular Underground games that are all kid-friendly and ACTUALLY FREE, meaning you don’t have to purchase more things once you are IN the app.   (It is a pet-peeve of mine that I will get a game for free, only to find that they can’t pass level one until they have purchased something.)    The Amazon Underground catalog of 100% free apps & games is part of the Amazon Appstore and gives you access to great content that you would normally have to pay for in “other” App and Play Store’s, but now at zero cost.  Get access to premium apps & games that provide fun, convenience, and a break in your or your family’s busy day!

They have a lot of great free games, like Zootopia, My Boo, Sonic Dash, Angry Birds Rio, Fruit Ninja, etc…  Here are the top 20:


Here is our son’s favorite game…

Amazon underground from Becky Mansfield on Vimeo.

You can check out other Underground  “Best Sellers” here.   You will never have to  about your kids downloading apps and games that will cost you money – get access to over 3,000 apps and games that are 100% FREE when you download from Amazon Underground on your Amazon Fire tablet or Android smartphone.  Learn More.

And while we’re at it, these are my favorites (to help everyone relax & focus): White Noise Sound Machine Pro, Zen: Coloring Book for Adults (Mickey loves this one!), Simply Yoga, and more –  you can find these ones here.

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