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With the busy days, it can be hard for families to stay connected.  We do our one on one time with the kids, but what about family time?  Here are 20 ways families can focus on connection.


1) Start a family night and put it on the calendar.

2) Encourage siblings to be closer by adding a no tattling policy.

3) Eat dinner together as a family.   Ever night, even if you have to make it early (it is 4:00 in our house because of sports… then they have their snack around 6:30).

4) Make it a point to put your phone down– technology free times!   When I was growing up, that was dinner time.  If the  phone rang, no one answered it.   We don’t allow toys or electronics at the table.

5) Laugh together.  Can you think of funny ways to get each other to laugh?  Being silly together is a great way to bond.  (Play the game HEADS UP on your phone… that makes for some funny moments!)

6) Limit the commitments your family has so there is time to rest together.

7) Sit down and play with your kids.   20 minutes a day makes a world of difference!

some days are just meant for playing - yourmodernfamily

8) When your children are talking with you, keep eye contact.   Read this story about why it is important. 

9) Go on family adventures together.

10) Listen to your kids when they ask you something, like “Mommy, will you lay with me?”

11) Have regular quality time with your children doing the things they love to do.

12) Cultivate an encouraging environment in the home.

13) Keep the grandparents involved- even if they are out of town!  Call them, facetime or send them school work every Friday, in an envelope (one thing from each child). 🙂

14) Create family rituals that make your family unique.

15) Make your marriage a priority.

16) Say yes to the things you may not want to do as a mom.

17) Share in responsibilities around the home.

18) Use your words wisely with your children.

19) Pray together through the good and the hard times.  A little self-reflection & nightly devotion goes a long way to bring your family closer.

20) Start bedtime routines as a family.

What about you? How does your family stay connected?

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