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Do you get frustrated when you go grocery shopping with children in tow ? Feel the need to get a babysitter ? You are NOT alone. Being a mom that goes in alone most trips, I want to share some of my best tips for staying sane while shopping with those little ones.

shopping with kids

Find the prime time.

Everyone has a time of day that they function better than others, mine is after dinner in the evening, our kids are no different. Going grocery shopping during this prime time is crucial to your success in finishing your mission in the compete state. Who wants to let the cart and leave with head held in shame? Not this mom ! Finding the best time to make the trip helps avoid major meltdowns.

Go Armed.

WIth small candies, crackers, a banana and lollipops that is. Kids can get hungry even right after getting up from the table. Absolutely never leave the house without at least a small snack. When all else fails… children are bribable.


Charge up before you go.

When snacks fail {for the I’m stuffed kid}, learning and entertainment is up next. Now days everyone has a smartphone or iPad, be sure you keep it charged and ready to go. Install apps, like abc mouse, paw puzzle, and stories have these as a backup plan to all else. Screen time can be had outside the house just as easy, kids aren’t picky.


Enlist them to help.

This is my {and my son’s} favorite. Kids love to help with everything, why not have them help you with the groceries too? Whether they like to look for things, put things in the cart or take them out; there is something for every little person to do.


Offer a reward.

Generality people like to be compensated for our good deeds: when we lose weight we like to buy ourselves a new shirt, when your child is potty training you reward them with new undies. Why not make a system of your own for grocery shopping. For example: give the power of picking what’s for dinner or where to go for lunch on the way home, the possibilities are endless.  


Regardless how you choose to do your grocery shopping, the ethics you instill in them now will be the ones they carry on throughout the rest of their life. I wish you the best of future shopping trips.   

meAmanda blogs at Amanda Unfolded, where she unfolds her life secrets on family, life, organizing, individual & money management, and tips for single moms. As she is an oilfield wife and stay-at-home-mom, she lives in both a single parenting situation along with being happily married for 9 years. She loves planning & managing both her professional and personal life, being a mom and crafting online and with her hands. Her purpose in blogging is to encourage other moms & wives, and help them overcome what she’s already walked through. Find her on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Snacks are always helpful, and I make sure my daughter is full before we go. I don’t like to spend too long at the grocery store, but when my daughter gets impatient, I let her know that we have to finish and that she has to stay put. She’ll whine for ten minutes, but give up because I’m not giving in. I keep a positive attitude and I pay attention to her to make it more fun.

    I have a second one on the way, – we’ll see how I manage with two. 🙂 Smile from Kristine.