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OK we have gone on so many vacations when we get home we say “Oh man! I forgot to get a picture of ___”.  So, here are the 10 pictures you don’t want to miss on vacation.  Oh- last week I wrote about how to get the best pictures, so check that out for some tips.

First you need to decide which camera to take.  Usually I use my LUMIX 4K Cameras because of the 4K Photo Mode (with 4K Photo Mode, you’re able to take a 4K video and then pull still photos out of that video, so we always get the best shot.)  It’s great for panasonic shots, too (we can literally capture everything that we can see) because it is a panasonic camera so it has a panasonic lens. Anyway- click here for more information on G7.

So- what are my favorite picture moments? 1- The candid meetings!   This year we took the kids on their first Disney Cruise and while we got a lot of “smile” pictures, we loved these ones even more- because we can remember the moments: first picture

2- The ones who really matter.   When our daughter, Allie, took pictures with the princess statues… it was clear which princess she really admired (her cousin, Lia) the real princess...

3.  See what they do before you tell them to say CHEESE. Allie made a peace sign with Minnie Mouse & we caught it! peace sign with minnie mouse

4.  Line them all up!  We go back to the same places every year, so what a great idea to line them up in the same order each year to watch how they grow… how they've grown

5- Your favorite spot on vacation.  I have a favorite spot that I like to go to on vacation – I love to get a picture each time that I go. favorite place to visit

6- Get them on a mission.  I love when our kids are going somewhere and I can catch it.  In this picture, Allie and our niece, Lia, were going to get an ice cream cone at our favorite little ice cream shop.  They were on a mission! Two little girls walking down a brick side walk.

7-  If you want picture of scenery, add your kids to it!   We love to go to this rock to rest when we go to the mountains and hike, so we just had the kids hop up for a picture. in the mountains You pretty much can’t go wrong with a vacation spot and a good camera!

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