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This 2017 Year in Review is a fun New Year’s Eve ideas for your kids & your family.   It’s a great way to talk, with your kids, about the past year and how 2018 will look…

Two sheets of white paper with text on them. I love looking back at what our kids have done, what their favorite colors were, their favorite animal, etc…   Our kids love to look back at these things, too.  They laugh at the things that they liked THEN compared to the things that they like NOW.

Here’s a little peek at the printable (below).  You can print them here.

One sheet of white paper with text on it.

This next sheet is all about looking forward.  It is time to talk about changing our lives for the better.

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 Americans makes resolutions?  Did you know that only 8% keep them?!  Wow!   This is a great way to talk about your resolutions and make them together.  You can support each other and remind your kids of their resolutions (and they can remind you, too).

One sheet of white paper with text on it.



When you are done and everyone has filled them out, make a video.   Have each child read their answers in a video.  Grab your phone or camera and ask your child to talk about their answers.   You can even ask a few extra questions, like who is their favorite friend right now, what is their favorite toy, favorite place to go, etc…  Be sure that you let them pick out their favorite outfit to wear for the video, too!

Grab the papers, the video (save it on a drive or disc) and make a family time capsule.   Just grab an extra large mason jar or container and begin to fill it.
Add a recent family picture, any movie ticket stubs, one special thing from each child, a current postage stamp, a current toy (maybe a happy meal toy), a business card if you or your spouse have one, a mini-school picture and maybe a few other things.

Keep it in the house, so they can see it anytime (this is especially fun if it’s in a glass jar), but don’t open it until 2027 (or pick a fun event- like graduation).

In the meantime- have a very Happy New Year! 


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