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The other day, my mom and I were talking about Christmas gifts for the kids. We started talking about how it seems that by the time that the kids go back to school after Christmas break, they are “over” the gifts.  To be honest, I don’t think that our kids or their friends can name more than 3 or 4 gifts that they go anyway.

If I’m being completely honest, I couldn’t even remember what they were given if you asked me a month after the holidays were over, either.  So, today I am partnering with Dynacraft to bring you my favorite 4-gift idea, because if you pick the right things, you don’t have to buy a million things… and they WILL remember.  🙂

Three kids in Christmas pajamas sitting on wooden stairs.

It seems crazy, right?   We give and give and give until they get so much that no one even knows what they got. Do they even care what it is or do they just “want presents”? The kids would get gifts from Santa, us, my parents, my husband’s parents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc… SO many gifts.

In fact, it turns from “I’m so excited” to “What else has my name on it?”   The appreciation seems to get buried under the pile of presents, unfortunately.

So, for that reason, I wanted to share this idea with you.   We have never done it before, but I think it’s creative and a great way to help our kids appreciate what they get. I had always heard of the 3 gift rule, but I had wanted to add one more (to cover everything) 🙂


Today I’m sharing the 4-gift rule.  It was actually something that I had always heard (give them something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read…) but we changed it just a bit. Instead of “something to wear’ (since I don’t wait for a holiday to buy clothes, normally.) we added “Somewhere to go’ because we wanted to give them an experience.  A memory. 

The four things they would get: 

1- Something they wanted (a toy or bike, etc…)
2- Something they need (a new coat, new shoes, sports equipment)
3- Somewhere to go (a camping trip, out for ice cream, tickets to a movie)
4- Something to read (a great new book or subscription to a kids magazine).

For something they want, I think it would be great to pick something off of their Christmas list or find something that would be a surprise.   This year, one of our son’s has had his eye on a new bike.  So that would be my ‘something they want’ An advertisement from Walmart showing kid\'s bikes.

Ethan wants this 16″ Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys’ Bike with a Hot Wheels Rev Grip, so we got it and it is put together, hiding under a blanket in our garage.
Close up of a Hot Wheel\'s accessory for a bike.
He will love Rev Grip, because it makes this bike look and sound like a real motorbike.  We picked it because it has authentic Hot Wheels graphics and silver accents with a high gloss finish.   (Allie tried it out for us… shh… She doesn’t know that it is for her brother)

A little girl sitting on a bike.

This custom bike earns first place in style! The steel BMX frame is built to last, and the all-terrain tires help our young kids race through a variety of road conditions.

A young girl sitting on a bicycle.
A rear coaster brake provides safe stops, while the adjustable seat post allows the 16″ Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys’ Bike with Rev Grip to provide years of fun, as he grows.

With this bike, we are also giving him a gift certificate that says “good for one trip on the Virginia Creeper Trail’.  It’s a long bike path that is down a mountain.   His older brothers go and we told E that he could go once he was old enough.  When it is warm, we will take him there for his first ride down the mountain, on his new bike.

A little boy sitting on a bike.

The Hot Wheels Road Rally Racer would be a great one, too.  This is sold out at Walmart, but keep checking back… (I even get in-stock alerts for toys that I really want).  We have it and it provides hours of play!

A little boy playing with a Hot Wheel\'s track.

This Step2 Car & Track Table is so much fun!  You can even add additional tracks for an extended race. 

A little boy playing with a Hot Wheel\'s track.
This kids’ track table features a zig-zag design to let little our little speedsters race their favorite cars down the track.  It comes with two cars and 8 feet of Hot Wheels™ track, so your kids have everything that they need.

A little boy playing with a Hot Wheel\'s track.

I love that you can store all their Hot Wheels™ cars in the included storage bins (and a spot on top for each car, too!), to allow the kids to easily clean-up and store all their favorite Hot Wheels™ cars!   

Close up of a Hot Wheel\'s track.
Another option is this custom vehicle – the Hot Wheels Engine Power R/C – Quicksand.  with full-function remote control driving, lights, sounds, working headlights & a rumbling engine.   Our kids love it!  

A child playing with a remote control car.


For something they need, a great example would be something for sports (example: football cleats, pads, helmet) or a new pair of boots, winter jacket, hat & gloves.

Somewhere to go could be a new beach or amusement park.   Maybe even a little vacation.

Something to read could be a subscription to a magazine or a set of chapter books that they like (like the Wonder series)

All in all, the important thing to remember is that Christmas is about so much more than just toys and tangible gifts- give things that create memories. 😉


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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. good article… kids are amazing and they want to do amazing things like which you share.