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I remember last year when I was looking in a magazine for Christmas gift ideas, I came across a story that I loved.  This is not something that we have done in the past, but as our children get older, I plan on implementing this with our own family.
It is the three-gift idea.

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Each family member gets three things.  The reason that you do three is because Jesus received three gifts when he was born– from the Three Wise Men.   These gifts aren’t your ordinary gifts, but so much more…


Gift #1- a Material thing.  This can be the toy that they want, the electronic that they have been asking for, etc…

Gift #2- a book.  Each person gets a new book.   You can even make a personalized book here.  I make personalized books for our kids and their friends for birthdays a lot.  I love them!  I have mine from when I was little and I read it to our kids:  “The Story of Timmy and Becky” (my brother and I.)
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Gift #3- They pick somewhere that they want to go.  Each child gets to pick somewhere really special (within reason)  to go, at some point over the following year.   For our kids, we will let them pick some other states because we will just use that as a vacation spot.  They could pick to go to an amusement park nearby, out to a special dinner, to their grandparents house for a mini-vacation.   Camping would be a fun option, too!   Decide together & write it on the calendar.  Remember, gift #3 is about MAKING A MEMORY as a family… spending this quality time together.

I think this is a really great idea for Christmas gifts!  I intend on doing this down the road because I don’t want to “buy” just to “buy”.   I find myself doing this a lot because I love a good bargain and this time of year there are some really great sales!

This would be a great way to make the most of our time together, while our kids are young and HOME with us.   Spending time together is always high on our lists.


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