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We’re working with Spot Shot® Instant Stain Remover to bring you my favorite tips about cleaning.

“Mom!”  I hear from the back door.  “We’re coming in to have a snack!”   When I hear the word “we” or “we’re”, I know what it means:  my own four kids, plus 4-6 neighborhood kids.

“Ok” I call back to him.

I’ve been upstairs doing laundry, watching them play in the woods behind our house, so I knew that it was coming.

I stay upstairs, but I can hear them in the kitchen:  someone just poured juice, someone is eating pretzels and the rest of the kids have grabbed a popsicle from the freezer.

About two minutes later I hear  “Oh, Man!   My popsicle is dripping on your carpet, dude.”

That’s my cue to come downstairs & take over.

“Everyone on the back porch.  When you finish your snacks, bring them back inside to the kitchen.  Use the dishwasher, sink & garbage can.  Clean up & then head back out to play.”

In the meantime, I have cherry popsicle stains on my carpet.

I never panic about stains.    When Mickey & I moved to our very first house, there were a few stains on the floor and I asked the inspector if he had an insight.  He said “My daughter is a realtor and she relies on Spot Shot ®”   He then proceeds to pull a bottle from his bag. (true story).   He sprays it on the stains & they come out almost instantly.

spot shot

So, when Spot Shot® e-mailed me to ask if I have ever used their product, I wrote back saying “When have we ever NOT used it.”   We literally keep cans of it on hand because four kids, a dog & a cat have nothing on Spot Shot.    (side note- we love the one in the aerosol can).

Here are some before (with the stain) & after (after using Spot Shot ®) of the mess from the kids snacks the other day :
A before and after picture of a stained and clean carpet.

Here is a spot where our 4 year old spilled her snack (fresh out of the oven, chocolate chip cookie with melty chocolate chips)…  and how quickly Spot Shot® cleaned it.
PicMonkey Image

You know that I love easy, simple ways to clean.  Here you have it.  I promise you that as long as I have carpets in our house, I will have this in my house. 🙂    (Well- and as long as I have kids & pets in our home! Haha!
Who’s Messier: Kids Vs. Pets?      VOTE HERE! 

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