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These are a few of my favorite things…
favorite kid products for 2014

I wanted to share some of my favorite kid things with you today- these are things that we have in our house and that I use on a daily basis.   There are affiliate links included for a few of my favorite items.


  1. NO SPILL SIPPY CUPS.  I had been asking if anyone had a good sippy cup that would fit into our kid’s lunch boxes, but wouldn’t spill.  My friend Hillary had one! (Hillary is the one that gave me the best birthday idea for our one year old- about the no birthday gift party)

So, she sells Tupperware and told me that they had sippy cups that will not spill, even in a lunch box, so I bought them.  I LOVE them!
They are just regular straw cups- they look like the Take & Toss ones, but these ones have some sort of seal, so when you take the straw out, they are leak-proof.  Plus, the kids can’t get the lid off, so I know that it won’t come off in their lunchbox.

I get them ready in the morning with ice cubes and water and put them into our our boys’ lunch boxes.  I pack disposable straws  in the lunchbox beside the cup.   I taught each of them at home to put the straw in, use it, and take it out before you re-pack it to come home.

sippy cups that don't spill
Plus- they don’t spill even when you drop them (My friend Kristy had my test them out).

Anyways- I had to tell you in case you are looking for one.  They come in a four pack (green, blue, purple, pink).  This means that one of the boys gets purple, but our 3 year old doesn’t seem to care just yet.

Here is Hillary’s Tupperware page if you want to order any (I am giving you her page to order from because she is so sweet!)  Here are the tumblers (Oh- I bought the 11 ounce ones because they are smaller & fit perfectly into a lunchbox)   You can follow Hillary on FB to see the deals of the months, as well.


My next favorite latest find are these reusable squeezie pouches!  We have these ones: EZ Squeezees
I love them because I fill them with yogurt for our older boys and send them to lunch in their lunch boxes!   (This is so much easier than a yogurt & spoon (they don’t need the teacher’s help getting the lids off of the EZ Squeezees pouch.
I fill them with applesauce, yogurt, homemade baby food, etc… for our one year old.    I love them (and you can wash them in the dishwasher!)
reusable squeeze


3. MOCC ONS:  These adorable shoes are my new favorites!  They are so cute & they are like shoes with built in high socks! 🙂  They are Mocc Ons  (They also make sock ons– these keep baby’s socks from coming off!).  I have the ballerina ones, but they make them in so many styles, for boys & girls.   (they also make a bib called Dribble Ons that are adorable & look like little bandanas!  I have this, too).
mocc on shoes

4.  LIL’ SIDEKICK: My next favorite thing is Lil’ Sidekick – it is a little “bungee-type” holder that holds their toys.  I use it in the car (I hook one side to her car seat and one side to her toy) because I can’t stop to get the toy or cup that our toddler has thrown… again.  🙂
Here are a few example pictures that I found online:
stop toys from falling Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.46.09 PM
5.  EMeals.  I have talked about this before, but I am telling you, this makes life so much easier to have someone else planning your meals for you!  With a family of six, making the dinner is time consuming enough, but planning the meal was taking me all day (or should I say “putting it off was taking me all day”)
See some of my favorite EMeal Recipes here

6). Kid ONLINE workouts – in the cold winter days or hot summer days, this makes things so much better!   Our kids play (exercise) in the house- stay warm and get their wiggles out.  (I use the same membership to get in shape, as well, with the regular workout videos).   Use the code YOURMODERNFAMILY to get a great deal of 3 months for $20.
Kid & mom workout

7.  Carseat Canopy –  This was my very favorite baby item!  It was wonderful.  I didn’t even know about these until our fourth baby.
I love them because I used to use a blanket to cover our baby’s seats, but they always fell off or fell on the baby.  7.  Carseat Canopy – is secured with velcro (it look like it buttons on, but it really velcros on).
 It hooks onto the handle of the baby carrier and now that we don’t have her in a carrier anymore, she just uses it as a blanket because it is so soft!


  • Use the code YMF4 to get it for free (just pay shipping).  You can order any of the patterns (there are a lot to pick from!)

Free Carseat Canopy with code YMF4

9).  LeapFrog Letter Factory Movie – Here is how I taught my kids their letters in a week (most of them weren’t even two yet, when they learned their letters & sounds)

10).  Let me hold you Longer – this book is the best book!  Really!
If you have kids or need a gift for a mom, this is it.  This book is my very favorite kid book.  Check out my post: Let me hold you longer and you will understand why (get ready- it is full of pictures!) … Let me hold you longer
10). Mother’s Jewelry from Photos On Gold.  My sister in law bought me a charm a few years ago and I wear it often.  It has all of our kids’ names on it.  My Mom also has a ring that has our birthstones (and our kids birthstones, plus my niece & nephew).  I love things like this!  Here are two that I just LOVE!  You can find them here:
Mother’s Jewelry
love this with our kids names! I love these with our kids names & birthstones!! (or grandkids!)

11. One last toy for older kids:   Rip-Riders  – Our kids LOVE these!  My parents bought these are Target for our kids for Christmas last year and they use them constantly!

Hi there!

I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. I am definitely buying the EZ Squeezes! I hate always paying for the disposable ones!

    1. Same here 🙂 So much better (& mic makes the baby food- lol!)
      PS- I have to work this morning to make up clients from the snow day, so I really hope to drop off hazel’s gift!! 🙂 It has been in my car all week- unwrapped b/c its too big. haha! (But its fun for hannah too)