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It is always a busy morning when the kids have school, but I have found something to really motivate them to get their mornings going…  a few minutes of TV.   I don’t know what it is about TV, but if they are allowed to watch it, they will climb mountains to do so!   This No Screentime Until free printable was a success over the summer with my no screen time summer printable, but I needed to update it a bit for the school year.

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No Screentime Printable until
If you want to make your own, you can copy the words below:
No Screentime Until…
*You have said Good Morning (yes, I do require this of our kids- I feel like it is basic manners to say “Hi, Mom!♥” Or Good Morning, Mom!♥” instead of just “I’m hungry” or “I want a drink”.
*Breakfast is cleaned up
*Teeth are brushed and the sink is cleaned up, brushes put away, etc…
*Beds are made
*Pajamas are put away
*Lunch is in your backpack
*Backpack is by the door, ready to go.
*Shoes are by the door, untied, ready to be slipped on.

Once all of these things are done, they have free will to play a computer game, play on an iPod, play on the x-box (Minecraft) or watch a show on TV (usually Wild Kratts).   This is just the extra little push they need to get their things done a little quicker.  They have an hour from start to finish and when they finish quickly and go watch their show, I get myself ready and get the little ones ready to go.

We also have another No Screentime Until Printable set up & ready for you: 

A list of texts on a white background with a blue highlighted text across it.

This one is my favorite: 

This will help with screentime, as well:
Cards to swap chores for screen time by yourmodernfamily

You can also do things the night before to prepare for school…
get the kids ready for school faster in the morning

change your morning

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