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This Scented Sand Craft is so much fun… and it smells amazing!

This isn’t the first time that we’ve made crafts out of cereal… or cereal boxes, like our DIY cereal box mailbox.   Our kids love to come up with new crafts… and since this Scented Sand Art includes glue & cereal, they couldn’t wait to dig in!   Today, I partnered with Post Fruity Pebbles to share this Scented Sand Art.

Crushed Fruity Pebbles shaped into a loop rope across a black table.

The other day we were trying to think of something to do when I asked Beau what he could create from cereal and he immediately said “Let’s glue it onto paper!  It will smell good.”   We ended up turning it into the sand.  Beau actually told me that the sand was so soft, and he wished all and felt like that… and smelled as good as Pebbles cereal ‘sand.’

What you need:

    • A box of Fruity Pebbles Cereal Boxes
    • A bottle of liquid school art glue
    • Construction paper
    • Zip-top plastic bag
    • Rolling Pin

The sand art works well with Pebbles Fruity Pebbles because it is so bright and colorful, thanks to Fruity Pebbles iconic colors.  Don’t be surprised if your kids say “Yabba Dabba Doo!” while making this sand art.

Step One:
Take your Post Fruity Pebbles and put it into a zip-top bag.

A close up of a box Fruity Pebbles sitting on a table.

Step Two:
Crush it with a rolling pin until it is as fine as sand.

 A clear baggie of Fruity Pebbles resting on a table with a wooden rolling pin beside it.

Step Three:
Use your glue and make a design:
A child squeezing glue onto a black sheet of paper.

Step Four:
Pour sand over the glue.
A child spreading crushed cereal onto a wet glue design on black paper.

Step Five:
Dump the excess cereal off of the glue.
A child pouring excess cereal off the wet glue into a paper bowl.

At the end of the project, you’ll have a beautiful piece of scented sand art that your kids will LOVE.

Crushed cereal shaped into a looped rope design on a black table with text under it.

Chances are they will want to make it again and again, so I just save the bag of crushed up cereal.

A child holding a piece of paper with a completed crushed cereal face design.

Our kids made designs with the cereal for hours… and they even invited our neighbors over to do the same.    The kids said that their favorite part was the fact that they could smell all of the fruity smells from the cereal.   My favorite part was that they spent so much time playing and creating together.  🙂

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