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Our family is busy planning our next vacation, so we are using these 5 ways to save money for vacation FAST.
We love to travel (Hilton Head is our favorite), but we also understand that it can be very expensive to travel if we don’t plan accordingly. We start looking many months ahead of time to find great deals. We do the research and then we start doing things to earn money & save money for the trip.

5 ways to save money for vacation

Here are 5 ways to save money for vacation FAST.

​1. Set up a separate savings account.
Each week, move money over to your savings account. (You can go to your bank and ask them move it for you, ever week or every month in an automatic transfer.  We do this and it is easy to set up). Transfer as much as you can, after you have paid your bills & paid yourself (ex: retirement fund)A woman sitting at a table holding a baby while looking at a laptop.

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2. Sacrifice your fun NOW for your fun LATER.
This means that you won’t go out to eat tonight, because you are going to save that money for your trip. Can you cut out Yoga lessons or manicures/pedicures until after the trip? Can you change your own oil in your car (if you don’t already do this), etc… Find creative ways to save now for later.

3. Make money!
You can quickly make money yourself! Sell things, work part-time, take surveys online. I tried it after hearing fantastic things about Opinion Outpost. Joining the site is absolutely free. By joining, you not only make money, but you have your voice heard by brands. You are giving insight into products & services while you earn extra cash & rewards. (Plus, right now you can be entered to win the $10,000 quarterly prize drawing.)

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3. Add $1.37 a day to your change jar.
In a year, you will have $500. Try to double it every day and you will have $1,000 a year!

4. Find out the name of some stores and restaurants near where you will be staying.
When you earn gift cards on Opinion Outpost, order the cards for the places that you will be able to go. (or get the Amazon gift cards and use it to buy things that you will need for your trip).

A baby sitting on a table while a woman looks at  laptop.

5. Live off of what you already have in your refrigerator & pantry.
I read about this last year during lent and I loved the idea! Every month, set aside a 7 day period where you don’t allow yourself to buy any new groceries. You just eat what you have at home. (Make grilled cheese or breakfast for dinner.  You can even invent your own recipes!) Make a game of it- what can you make out of what you have?  Pretend that you are stranded on an island and you have to survive on what you have.  (The kids will love this!) Let your family help you & just get creative.


Start earning cash for your opinions on Opinion Outpost today.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Opinion Outpost. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I do this all of the time. We eat everything in the fridge or I freeze it. We throw very little away.