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If you are looking for some last minute gift ideas, here are few that I have tried recently that I wanted to share with you.

First- I had to share this while it is still applicable! gift certificates are a great gift idea and when you have a promo code, it makes it even better!  You can get a $25 gift certificate for $4 with these codes:
Friday (19th) DEAL ($25 for $4)
Saturday (20th)- Jolly  ($25 for $5)
Monday- GIFT  ($25 for $5)
Tuesday – WRAP  ($25 for $6)
Thanks, 12 Days of Deals for yet another great deal!

I also wanted to share 10 gift ideas  if you are scrambling to find a gift for someone…

1). Gold Rush Panning Kit – I ordered this one for my husband because he loves the show Gold Rush.  I can’t wait to see his face!  He will have to actually “pan” for gold (& the kits contain real gold- up to $500!).

2) Thermometers –  This is a great one for someone that has kids (or really even adults).   I like this as a gift idea because if they are like me, thermometers are misplaced and more are always welcome! haha!  I have two thermometers that I love (I keep one upstairs & one downstairs).  They are both Forehead ones & I love them both.  The Smart Glow TemporalScanner Thermometer makes sickness just a tad easier in our house 🙂 

3).  A great stocking stuffer are these foot warmer socks called Heat Holders.  Our kids are going to LOVE these!  They are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks!

4). For a pick-me-up stocking stuffer for grown-ups, Energems are great.  They look like M&Ms, but have the caffeine of coffee.   This is great for my husband’s late-nights.   PS- You can WIN a box of these (I have two to give away)!  To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post.

5). E-meals subscription (meal plan with a shopping list that is sent to you via e-mail).  You can get this one for someone and they will start getting e-mails right away.  This is a GREAT gift because they (or you) pick the sort of meals that they want (healthy, low fat, crock-pot only, clean, vegan, paleo, etc…) and it will prepare them a meal plan for every day of the week, complete with a shopping list (you pick the store)!   Its really cheap, too, so its well worth it & I love it!
PS- Save 15% on all Meal Plans with code HOLIDAY through Dec. 31st

6).  Books:
Here are a few that I recently read:
Ingredients of Outliers (by John Shufeldt)
The tiny mouse (children’s book)
Let me hold you longer (kids)
Thinking Allowed on Schools
Preparing young people for the future with lessons from the Past.
Its Not About the Broccoli (3 habits to teach your kids a lifetime of healthy eating)
To Hold the Sun
Sorting out Behavior- a teachers guide
Thinking Aloud on Schools
The Joy of Financial Security (by Donna Skeels Cygan)
The God I Never Knew
201 Gluten-free recipes for Kids
Teaching the Birds & the Bees without the Butterflies

7).  Box4Blocks- this is awesome because it organizes your Legos for you, which we certainly needed!  🙂   Wait until you see how great this really will be for your legos and blocks!  It is sort of like a sand-sifter, but for legos.

8).  If you haven’t done this yet, you will want to do this next one BEFORE Christmas! 🙂 Download Canon’s Facebook app, North Pole PIXMA. The app encourages parents to help their sweet kiddos send wishes directly to Santa’s workshop and watch a video as the wishes print directly at the North Pole through the magic of Christmas and PIXMA printers!  Love that!

9).  I am SO EXCITED to share this one!   The Optrix iPhone case is: waterproof & if you drop it up to 33 feet, it is still protected!   With four kids, this is a must-have!  Plus, it has added lenses that you can add & swap out to take better pictures (like a really great camera) using your iPhone 5! 🙂   You have to see it!

10)  Any of these 20 free gift ideas! promo code december 2013

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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