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Today we have a guest post featuring 5 Creative Outdoor Playhouse Ideas
5 fun playhouses

 When it comes to summertime, there’s nothing better than being outdoors. This is especially true if you have children. While many kids like staying indoors, glued to their video games during the warmer parts of the year, it’s a good idea to get them outdoors (see some ideas here). Not only does this enhance their creativity, but it also does a lot to keep them in shape.

Remember the good old days when you spent your summers outside? If you want your kids to have the same experiences you had, drag them away from the TV and encourage them to take in all that the great outdoors has to offer. Playhouses are a perfect way to motivate them to get outside.

A kids’ playhouse is available in many shapes and sizes, meaning you can find one that easily fits into your budget. Let’s take a quick look at five creative outdoor playhouse ideas.

1. Cabana Mezzanine
playhouse-mezzanineDo you like looking up at the stars? Of course you do, and there’s a good chance that your kids do too. The ultimate playhouse for stargazers is a cabana mezzanine. Looking up at the stars has never been easier or more enjoyable than looking at them in your backyard from a kids’ playhouse.  Find more about this one at Babble


2. Bungalow

A wooden playhouse.

Bungalows are great outdoor playhouses because they provide lots of space for your kiddos to explore. Many bungalow-style kids’ playhouses come with one to two spacious decks, slides and much more.


3. Victorian


All little girls deserve to be treated like a princess, and one of the best ways to give them a taste of the royal life is by giving them a Victorian playhouse. Your daughter is sure to feel like she’s a princess from a fairytale storybook.


4. Backyard Theater
A colorful playhouse.

Many young children have high hopes of becoming a Hollywood star. To help boost their chances, give them their own stage for hosting Hollywood-like productions. There’s no better way of doing this than with playhouses for kids that come in the form of outdoor theaters. Find out more about this one at DIYnetwork.

5. Pirate’s Ship

Designed like a real ship, your children will love hanging out in the captain’s quarters as well as on the upper and lower decks. Although it’s more involved, a pirate’s ship playhouse is perfect for any backyard.

Benefits of Playhouses for Kids

There are many benefits gained when you give your kids a place to play outside (like a playhouse.) For one, most playhouses are fairly simple to assemble and disassemble, meaning if you decide to move to a different residence, your can take them with you.

Before we jump into the other benefits, let’s point out a major advantage that you will gain: Kids’ playhouses will add value to your home property, and if you plan on selling your home, playhouses can be a real estate gem.

Now, on to the benefits for your kids: For starters, playhouses encourage imaginative play and they get your kids outside, into the fresh air. Playhouses inspire fun right in your own backyard.

No matter your reason for investing in a playhouse, your money will be well spent. Best of all, your kids will have a great place to play, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are providing them with a sure way to have fun.

 guest post by David Reeves-  the Marketing Director of Superior Recreational Products (SRP) in Carrollton, GA. For more than 30 years, Grounds For Play (, a division of SRP, has focused on designing play environments that provide challenging mental and physical exercises for specific age groups. GFP play environments have become a standard for schools, apartment complexes, U.S. military installations and more.

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  1. These are awesome! I’d like one of them for myself – never mind for the kids! lol!