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I love when our kids play outside for many reasons. There are studies upon studies that provide wonderful support giving reasons to why this is so important and beneficial for our children.playing 

I love that we live in a state where they can be outside all year round and playing with great neighbors and friends.  Here (in NC) we even have the luxury of being able to go boating and swimming in the lake, as a family.   Our state lends itself to outdoor fun…
boating 17

God made us so that we can be outside, using our muscles and running around. I don’t think that he intended us to sit inside, watching TV or playing on our electronics all day, so when our kids ask to play outside or go for a walk or bike ride (here is how we teach them to ride a bike), I like to give an enthusiastic “YES!”

We love to do fun family things outside, like play frisbee, baseball, going strawberry picking…
berry picking

When my brother & I were little, we were constantly playing with our friends ~ my Mom let us go out every day with our friends.  I can remember her giving us the rule that we had to wait until 9:00 to go outside to play, because we didn’t want to wake up sleeping neighbors.

lessons from mom

Our neighborhood was full of kids and we all played together.  We played at friend’s houses, at our house, in between…  we just had to be back inside of our own house “before it gets dark.”  (unless we were meeting friends for a game of night-time jail break)

My late Grandma told me how she used to go shopping with her four kids, and they would just look at the toys and books (and stay in the toy section alone) while the parents did their shopping.  Can you imagine?  I certainly can’t!  Times certainly have changed.

Well- I wanted to know what you thought, so I asked and you answered…

100 moms answered…. best age to let kids play outside alone?

HOW OLD WERE YOUR KIDS WHEN YOU LET THEM PLAY OUTSIDE, COMPLETELY UNSUPERVISED? (This doesn’t include you watching and listening through your four open windows & your open back door)  😉

3 years…..  0%

4 years….    9%  (8 of you let their kids outside)

5-6 years…..   8.5% ( 7 of you let their kids outside)

7+ years…    82% (67 of you let your kids play outside)

There you have it: most of you wait until your kids are seven years or older before letting them head outdoors alone.

What do you think?  What age do you let your kids outside?  

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. My six year old plays outside herself, I like her older sisters to be out with her, but they don’t usually want to and I don’t want her to have to stay inside. If I had a fence I would let my two year old, but I would definitely be peeking at him through the window every 5 minutes and have an open window to hear him, so I guess that doesn’t count :). i would say I will probably let him out unsupervised around 4-5, depending on how much common sense he develops (like knowing not to chase his ball into the road, etc.)

  2. Recently moved into a townhome with my daughter and grandchildren. My grandchildren enjoy playing outside. There isn’t a “street” in front of this small community, there is a parking lot with assigned parking spaces, somewhat like a culdesac. When the children (ages 5 & 7) come home from school I allow them to play outside in front of our unit while I am inside with the 3 year old, preparing supper. I check on them constantly. However, the neighbors our complaining about them “being in their way” and have threatened to call DHR. I played outside when I was a child, my daughter did as well. I, and her mother have set boundaries for them and there are consequences if they break our rules. Apparently, the majority of the folks that live here are adults without children. I believe outside time is important for my grandchildren for many reasons. Am I wrong for allowing them to go outside and play without me being present?

  3. Well from a 40 years old dad with 2 boys 8 and 12 we live in a nice country city and I let them bike to the park by themselves. The park is 3 blocks away and I let the go for 1 hr a day they have a cell phone and are very responsible. I tell them this is a responsibly issue you have been good in public you guys also have show responsibility so you get the privalage to go to the park but if I call u answer if there’s issue or weird people come home right away and they have. If not then them privileges are taking away. I treat my kids with respect and do this so they can learn responsibility I have a older son that I did the same with and now’s has 18 got a good job and has his own place. I teach my kids about being a adult so when they get older they know the responsibility and have had responsibility. From me giving them that had makes them great kids.

  4. Thank you for . Your advice. I live in a village in a town and I want to let her play outside .sometimes .but u lost my 14 year old daughter to cardiac arrest she just collapsed and died so I seem to wrap my 7 year old in cotton wool and it’s not fair on her

    1. Jo i am so very sorry to hear about your daughter. It sounds like you are cognizant of your own parenting flaws, which indicates you are a great mother. You are an inspiration to others, stay strong and God bless.