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You learn as you go, they say.  Well, I have learned Need To Pack in Hospital Bag, because I definitely overpacked the first time (and even missed some important things!)

Several months ago, I was in nesting heaven. I’m not even joking I had everything but the kitchen sink packed in my bag for baby B’s delivery at the hospital. I think I had three total bags packed and I definitely only used about one bag full of things. I honestly wish I would have simplified my list because all of that clutter in the tiny hospital room was just something extra to worry about. My new motto in life is SIMPLIFY!

In every aspect of life. Simplify!


What you need for the baby:

  1. Baby socks
  2. Onsies
  3. Blanket depending on the temperature. We only used a receiving blanket here, but you may need a heavier one.
  4. Installed car seat. Most hospitals will check to make sure it’s installed correctly before letting you leave.
  5. Carseat Canopy – Oh how I wish I had had this with our first son!   Get it free with the code YMF4
    It keeps the germs away from the babies, which I especially wanted in the hospital, on our way out.
    Free Carseat Canopy with code YMF4


Yeah, that’s pretty much it for baby. My hospital provided almost everything that I could have possibly needed for the baby. I would suggest calling to double check what your hospital will provide for you. I literally didn’t touch a thing inside of my diaper bag besides clothing. As far as going home outfits go, I’m not one of those Moms who puts their newborn in a stiff uncomfortable dress and a giant bow so I settled with a onsie…to each their own though.

packing 2

For Mom:

  1. If you haven’t already pre-registered with your hospital you will need an ID and insurance cards. Also, don’t forget your birth plan if you have one!
  2. Wear your eye contacts if you have them, but also bring your glasses. During labor, eyeglasses are so annoying. They steam up, your sweating, they’re just plain uncomfortable and that isn’t something I thought of before labor, lesson learned.
  3. Slippers or socks. Most hospitals provide you with those neat grippy socks so if you like those than you are good to go without bringing any socks.
  4. This was completely a personal preference, but I felt so much more comfortable bringing my own pillow. It made it much easier to get some rest. If you do bring it make sure you use a pillowcase other than white so that it doesn’t get mixed up with the hospital pillows.
  5. One of the most important things to remember is your phone or camera AND the charger. You’ll need them to take millions of new photos.
    Tip: delete existing photos so that you don’t run out of memory while at the hospital.  Or you can get this memory disk for your phone to allow for more pictures.
  6. Anything to make you feel human again (haha). Whether that’s makeup or your own shampoo.
  7. For your own clothing, next time I will only bring coming home sweats or yoga pants, a nursing bra and a tank top. The hospital provides giant mesh granny panties, which I loved for postpartum and actually stole a bunch for at home. The nurses also prefer that you stay in a nursing gown so that they can have easier access to what they’re working with. If you plan to have visitors though, you might feel better wearing your own clothing.
  8. Coconut oil for diaper rash (check with the nurse first) or if your breastfeeding you can lather a little bit on, after breastfeeding, for pain relief.
  9. Last, but certainly not least CHAP STICK. My very favorite kind is the Young Living Lavender Lip Balm. I wasn’t allowed to have water for 18 hours and my lips were completely cracked the next day. It was horrible. During my emergency c-section I kept telling the nurses that I was almost as excited to have some water as I was to meet my daughter (haha!).MORE POSTS YOU MIGHT LIKE: 
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  1. Bookmarking for later! My first is due in November, and I know I would have likely overpacked lol

  2. This is a cool site 🙂 I’m 7 months and its nice to see a simple site to get ideas from. Its hard for me to lookup stuff Haha prego brain. Useful and amazing 🙂

  3. Amen! I brought do much stuff to the hospital that I didn’t need, but even more than that I came home from the hospital with so much stuff! Next time I’m going to bring a big rolling suitcase so that I can fit everything. It was ridiculous trying to leave with an entire cart full of crap1