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I love Mother’s Day because I love being their Mom.  Anything from these guys would make me smile.   I love when they fill out their annual Mother’s Day survey for me. 

Every year our children fill out a Mother’s Day kids questionnaire and it is always my favorite gift. Year after year, I add it to a folder that I keep in our room which contains all of the past ‘All About My Mom’ Printable papers.   I love to read through past surveys and see how their view of mom has changed. 🙂

(This picture reminds me how much time flies! It was taken just a few years ago & they look like babies compared to now!)

Becky & the kids
Mother’s Day 2019

I think that I love the Mother’s Day Printable because it’s a fun way to really see what’s in their minds and hearts.  I love reading the answers to these fun questions – they are always priceless! 

We also print out a Grandmother Questionnaire that they can answer.  The Grandmother survey has different questions, but the answers are just as sweet & unique.   

all about my grandma

All About My Mom Survey

lessons from mom

I made up these ALL ABOUT MY MOM” Mother’s Day questions for kids because I like to see what they can think of without any help.  I want to see what they think without prompting, hinting, asking for help, etc…  that’s what makes their answers so great (and so funny!)

I love to hear how old they think I am, what they think I like to eat, etc.   It’s just so fun to read the answers! 

I will save them forever.  (My mom still has boxes of cards and notes that I wrote to her when I was younger, and it’s so fun to look through them with our kids!)

Mother’s Day Questionnaire Printable Coloring Sheets

  • These questionnaires are also coloring sheets because each page has a spot where your child will draw a picture of themselves & mom, grandma, or someone special!
  • Instantly print & download this Mother’s Day Packet with 8-printable pages. 
  • These come with colored sheets as well as black/white sheets to make them more printer-friendly.
  • Perfect for aunts, guardians, or anyone special in their lives, when they fill out the “All About YOU” page instead of the “About my Mom” or “About my Grandma” page.
  • You have access to all of these questionnaires with the purchase.
  • Once you download them, you can pick & print the best one for your child to give to Mom, Grandma, or someone special.

The Mother’s Day packet with eight printable pages includes the following:

  1. ABOUT MY MOM printable – FOR OLDER KIDS to fill out (more detailed questions)
  2. ABOUT MY MOM printable – FOR YOUNGER KIDS to fill out (easier, more basic questions)
  3. ABOUT MY MOM printable – with mostly black writing (printer-friendly)
  4. ABOUT MY GRANDMA printable – FOR OLDER KIDS to fill out (more detailed questions)
  5. ABOUT MY GRANDMA printableFOR YOUNGER KIDS to fill out (easier, more basic questions)
  6. ABOUT MY GRANDMA printablewith mostly black writing (printer-friendly)
  7. ALL ABOUT YOU printable – Printer-friendly black/white version.
  8. ALL ABOUT YOU printable – For anyone with questions like: “Her name is ____, but I call her ____. She calls me ____.”
8 packet Mother's Day Survey

Printable Mother’s Day Packet

Start here –>> You can download this Mother’s Day Printable Pack from our shop today. It is adorable & has many different styles, so your child can pick the one that is just right!

Free samples for you to download today…

You are also welcome to download & print any of the following Mother’s Day Questionnaires for FREE.

This second free sample works well for multiple people. Print two pages of Grandma & Mom questionnaires. The designs on the following surveys are more basic surveys for Mother & Grandmother, but I love the questions & answers. 🙂

You are welcome to print these “All About Mom” free versions below.

Make Your Own Mother’s Day Questionnaire Printable: 

If you’d like to make your own Mother’s Day Survey, you are welcome to use some other questions I have (these aren’t the ones from the printable packet found here. It is so fun to watch your kids answer the questions – the key is to encourage them to come up with their own answers… without any help.

Below you’ll find some fill-in-the-blank Mother’s Day Questions for kids to answer.  To use the questions, just copy/paste them onto a program on your computer and then give it to your kids to complete.  It’s like a little Mother’s Day letter from your kids. 🙂 


  • The thing I love the most about you is ___________________________
  • She makes me so happy when she ________________________ me
  • She is the best at making ____________________________
  • She is __________________________________________ years old
  • She weighs ______________________ pounds
  • Her favorite color is ________________________________
  • Her favorite place to shop is ______________________
  • Her favorite food is _______________________________________
  • Her favorite movie is _____________________________________
  • When Mom was a little girl, she used to ________________________
  • Now that she is older, she can ________________________________
  • If we spent the whole day together, we would _________
  • My Mom laughs when I ________________________________
  • If I could buy her anything, I would buy her __________________
  • My Mom hugs better than ___________________________
  • She is as pretty as a ___________________________________________
  • I wouldn’t trade her for all the ____________

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

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