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I am excited to share this freebie app~ sponsored post.with you today!

You know how much I love freebies and educational tools for kids!   I am a play therapist and if a family that I see has an iPad, kindle or tablet, I am sure to show them how they can take advantage of it with all of the free apps to help kids.

I love learning apps, like Mini Monet Lite, because they are great for their fine motor skills and most of the educational apps really help our kids to learn.   I love to use these sorts of things for quiet time at the Doctors office, those few minutes in bed when I am putting all of them to bed (I will send our older boys to bed and let them play on their tablets while I put the younger two to bed.   This gives them about ten minutes of downtime before they hear their story and devotional and go to sleep.)
mini monet free app

Anyways, I have found another app that I love for our kids: Mini Monet.
I wanted to share a new freebie kid app that I just found because it really works on all scales: educational, creative, FUN.  It is called Mini Monet and you can get the Lite Version for free.

Here is how it works:
You start here on the home page:
home screenYou can go to the art club (see the snowman pic?  That is the art club).   You look at what others have done and you vote on them.  When you vote, you get coins.   You can use the coins to buy other things in the app, like coloring sheets.
mini monet lite
The kids can draw, paint, use glitter, etc…  They can even use their Magic Pencil.  This keeps the paint bucket & brush strokes from spilling.    It sort of keeps them inside of the lines & keeps their art work very neat.

Our boys love it, so I thought that it needed to be shared, and with the brand new lite version, its a great deal!

Its free, so give it a go!  You will love it as much as I did (oh- and the kids, too! haha!)

It’s Currently an iPad App:  Get it here:  Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids Lite  
It was created by the Sprite Kids Website

ps- You can also upgrade for $1.99 to open more things on the app (coloring pages, stickers, etc…)


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