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Ok… let me lay it out there for you – this is the best pie I’ve ever had.  My mom use to make this key lime icebox pie when we were kids (we’ve adapted it… a lot, but that is beauty of this recipe – you can make it however you want!).   I love key lime recipes and this one ranks in at #1.

Low Fat Pie - DoleCannedFruit

  • DOLE Canned Fruit – I grabbed DOLE Mandarin oranges in light syrup at the grocery store in the canned fruit aisle.  Now I already had DOLE canned peaches (because I use them for cottage cheese with a little pepper… yum!) but I thought this pie would be better with oranges.  Now, I get the canned DOLE fruit, because it is the most convenient/easy – it has a pull-tab lid.  I will sometimes add add DOLE canned Pineapple, too.    Why this is good for this recipe:  Fat Free, Cholesterol free, low sodium, rich in Vitamin A & C.
  • Graham Cracker Pie Crust
  • Frozen Whipped Topping (I like to use Fat Free)
  • 4 oz. jello mix (any flavor, but I used Lime for this one).   I also used sugar-free, but again that is up to you.
  • 2 containers of yogurt (6 oz. each).   Use the same or coordinating flavor to the jello mix.
  • 1/4 cup boiling waterweight watchers key lime pie


  • Take your 1/4 cup of boiling water and add 4 ounces of jello mix to it. Mix well.
  • Add yogurt
  • Add Frozen Whipped Topping (the full container)
  • Drain the DOLE canned oranges
  • Fold in your DOLE canned fruit
  • Refrigerate for several hours, until it is set.weight watchers key lime pie

That’s all there is to it.  This is SO good – you will want to eat the whole pie (trust me).

key lime pie 4

Two homemade fruit and yogurt popsicles with text above them.

mixed popsicles with fruit and coconut water

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