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Do you want to get the kids ready faster in the mornings?  School mornings can be such a rush some mornings.  Did you ever notice how long it takes everyone to get ready when you have to be somewhere? Are you always running late?

The hard part for me is that when we are rushing, someone ends up feeling stressed, which leads to tempers, arguments, and an unhappy family.  The last thing that I want to do is to send our kids to school feeling unnerved. A few little things make all the difference…

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How to get the kids ready FASTER in the mornings.

  1. Prep the night before.

I prep their breakfasts for the morning.   I know that two of our kids will be having oatmeal, so I get the bowls & spoons ready to go for the morning.  I know that one will have a sweet potato waffle (I make them in batches & freeze them, so in the morning I can just toast one).  I know that one will want to have an omelet every day, so I just chop up the pepperoni, onions and put them in a bowl with some shredded cheese.  (Our kids are very predictable in this way) 


2). Pick out clothes the night before

This includes everyone:  YOU and the kids. When you get out of bed, make your bed, brush your teeth & get ready for the day.   (TIP: Wake up a little bit before the kids so this is done before they wake up). For the kids, I have them get everything ready the night before – even their shoes are ready by the front door.   I have them get dressed before they come downstairs.

An open drawer with tooth paste, tooth brush and a disposable cup in a plastic container.

3). Have toothbrushes & toothpaste ready in their baskets.

About a year ago, we went from having one basket for the kids to everyone having their own basket.   
We keep them in drawers in the bathroom.  

A picture of a bathroom counter with two drawers open with tooth paste and brushes in the drawer.

In each basket, the kids have toothpaste, tongue brush, and floss.

A close up of an open drawer with two plastic storage containers of Crest tooth brush.

They have electric toothbrushes that stay plugged in, and we keep mouthwash under the sink, in the cabinet.

Behind each basket, we keep extras: we stock up during times when Crest toothpaste is on sale – like right now when you use the $2 coupon at your local CVS store. The coupon can be found in Sunday newspapers nationwide on 2/24 and combined with a special CVS offer. When CVS shoppers spend $20 on select personal care products, they’ll receive $5 Extrabucks.


We each pick our favorite toothpaste from the dentist-approved options.  Mickey and I grab our favorites (like Crest Pro-Heath & Crest 3D white) and I give the kids a choice between three kinds of toothpaste:   


  1. Crest Pro-Health: The only toothpaste accepted by the American Dental Association to treat all seven attributes: Plaque, Gingivitis, Cavities, Sensitivity, freshens breath, Tartar, and whitening.


  1. Crest Complete: Multi-Benefit Extra White + Scope Outlast Toothpaste uses ground-breaking outlast technology to provide a cool, refreshing brushing experience and a fresh feeling that lasts up to 5 times longer.  It even contains silica, which helps to polish away surface stains. Of course, it protects against cavities & fights tartar, too.


  1. Crest 3D White: Crest 3D White Radiant Mint Whitening Toothpaste uses a patented enamel-safe teeth whitening ingredient that polishes away stains to gently whiten teeth. In fact, it removes up to 80% of surface stains and protects against future stains since its formula creates foaming action to clean, protect and whiten teeth.  I love the cool mint taste & the fact that it strengthens tooth enamel while fighting cavities. (this is the one that we like)


Trust me… with the Valentine treats that our kids brought home, I knew I’d need to stock up on a few Crest kinds of toothpaste!  I kept reminding the kids to brush their teeth between their heart-shaped lollipops & those little conversation hearts. 😉


Get kids ready faster in the mornings

4). Have backpacks ready (& lunches) packed the night before.

We keep their backpacks on our organizing bench on their designated hook.

We also make their sandwiches once for the week (make 20 sandwiches, freeze them all & then each of the kids picks one a day), so each night they can just pack their sandwiches for the next day.  Our older boys like to pack them in the mornings, but they know that it is their responsibilities.


5.). Keep their chores AND electronics to a minimum in the mornings.

On school mornings, all that they have to do is put their pajamas away, make their beds and clean up after themselves (put the toothbrush basket back, clean up their breakfast dishes, etc…)   

We also have to eliminate TV in the mornings (We don’t allow individual electronics often… usually only on long car trips.).  Our kids used to watch Wild Kratts in the mornings, but that is ONLY if they are completely ready to go and have time to spare.
This might help… List of chores on a piece of paper.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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