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There is a special bond between mother and daughter.   The love between a mother and her children is one of the great gifts that God gave us… and I am thankful every day.

The best gifts for daughters from mothers are so often gifts that little girls hold close to their hearts.

gifts for daughters from mothersThanks to Nakturnal for partnering with us today.  This post contains affiliate links.

What toys do little girls like?  Do I want to give her a toy or something more meaningful?  What is the best gift for a 7-year-old girl?    These were all things that went through my mind.  I knew that the would need to be age-appropriate for a 7-year old, fun and something that would be the perfect any day gift (the kind she can wear any day, not just on her birthday).

Kids are going to love just about any gift from their parents, just as moms will love any gift from their child.  For Mother’s Day this year, our kids each made me their own picture frame.  It was the perfect gift because each one had a picture of a special time that we had spent together (swinging on a swing under the willow tree at our favorite vacation spot, swimming in the pool, building a sandcastle and reading a book before bed).

They wrapped their unique gift in a DIY gift box.   Our daughter wrote, “A gift for Mom… because I love her.” on her box… be still, my heart.  I have each frame hanging up on my bedroom wall.

Text with balloons.

Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Daughters from Mothers:

  1. Beautiful Gold Earrings make a wonderful gift.   This is what we decided to give out daughter for her birthday gift this year.  I ordered two pairs of earrings from AUrate.

    Important Tip:  I want to be sure that I mention that with little girl’s earrings, I think it is important to be careful of the kind of metal that you use.  When I changed her earrings for the first time, after her piercing, I used a cheaper pair from a kid’s store and her ears became infected.  It was awful.
    A year later, I tried again.. and the same thing happened.
    .From then on, I have only put solid gold earrings into her ears.  It is the reason that I wanted to choose these gold earrings for her birtdhay this year… I knew they wouldn’t bother her ears at all.

    The first pair that I gave her on her birthday was the Infinity Heart Huggie Earrings, cast from solid 14K gold.  These are little Rose-Gold hoops of tiny cascading hearts.  They create an illusion of an infinite loop around your ear.   The hearts continuously wrap from top to the bottom of the hoop, around the ear, and then it is secured by post and wingnut.

    Gold Earrings for little girl

  2. We also gave her this pair of Mini Gold Bar Earrings. She adores them!  They are tiny, so they work wonderfully for her ears.  They just reminded me of that classic earring that goes with anything, so she can wear them for years to come.Gold Earrings
  3. A blanket with a photo on it makes for a wonderful memory every night when your child goes to bed.  Each of our kids has one and they love using them to cuddle with any time of day, but mostly at night.
  4. If your child loves to learn, I suggest checking out a subscription box.   Our kids like Little PassPorts – this is a great little box that comes every month & introduces kids to new places in the world or to new science experiments (like making an eggshell disappear).  Our kids have enjoyed their subscription to Little Passports for several years now.
  5. Another great monthly subscription box is Kiwi Crate.  This is a gift that keeps on giving, month after month.   Kiwi Crate sends cool STEM projects for your kids every month.  This is so much fun & every month your kids get to open a new gift!
  6. A new set of pajamas and a personalized bedtime storybook.  This makes an adorable gift.  You customize the book to be the perfect story for your child, complete with details about your child.  This is always going to be a favorite of mine because I still have mine from when I was little.   I give these as gifts for birthdays and give them to our own children for special occasions, as a way to remember what special thing happened that year.
  7. Photo mug – so we gave each of our kids a photo mug a few years ago.  They use them every night for ice cream instead of using a bowl (it’s usually their snack after dinner… mine, too).  The mug has pictures of the kids playing in the lake over the summer and each of them has a special picture on their mug as part of the collage.
  8. Tickets to go somewhere special: Out for a tea-party, to a local play, to watch a dance performance.   We do this every year for the holidays with our daughter.  Last year, my mom took us to see Irish Dancers with my sister-in-law and niece.  The kids loved it, as did we.  These kinds of events make for wonderful gifts.. and wonderful memories.
  9. Classes at a local gym, art studio, dance studio, soccer clinic… whatever they are into.   I love giving lessons as a gift because they truly learn and it lets them explore their interests to find their passion.
  10. Mother & Daughter Necklaces.   My mom bought a similar Mother-Daughter Necklace for our daughter and me to wear.  We wear them every day that she is at school and she loves knowing that we are both wearing them.A variety of necklaces and a text beside them.
    Mother-Daughter jewelry is such a sweet gift for a little girl’s birthday.

Birthdays give us another chance to celebrate the special relationship that moms and daughters share.   Give her something that she can learn from, cherish or hold as memory.   Those kinds of gifts will be the best, as they help to expand her mind, soften her heart, or give her a story to tell one day when she becomes a mother herself.

‘Hold her a little longer, rock her a little more, read her another story; you’ve only read her four, let her sleep on your shoulder, rejoice in her happy smile, she is only a little girl for such a little while.’



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  1. The photo on a blanket is such a different idea! What a great way to remember a special memory. Thanks for the ideas!