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Oh yes… right in the middle of winter.  The time of year where we realize we ate a few too many cookies, but our resolutions are harder than we hoped.  That’s ok… I’m in the same boat.  

My New Year’s resolution, in the past, was to give up diet soda for the 100th time and to give up eating as much ice cream as I normally do.  The only thing that keeps me on target, a little more, is that I work out every day and keep track of it.  This year, I’m not trying to “give things up”… I’m just trying to be more aware of my health and the heath of my family.   MORE fruit, less cookies.   MORE water, less Diet Soda.   Don’t stress if you miss the gym, just do your own workout at home (inside!). 

Plus, it is freezing outside… which makes me want to stay inside even more!  The funny thing about winter is that it makes people turn to video games and TV (to stay warm inside).  Mickey and I have watched 3 new series on TV this fall/winter, so we aren’t any different.

So… if you need some motivation to have a new you in the new year, these things are perfect for winter.  Some are new activities to play outside & others are new inside things to get you moving. 

  1. Winter Camps.
    Most people know about summer camps, but did you know that there are winter camps as well? The beauty of winter camps is that the staff has a treasure trove of all sorts of sports and activities for your kids and for your family. These activities might include sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snow fights, snowman activities and more. I would suggest checking with your local school or tourism center to see if they’re organizing any winter activities or family camps.  We went to a day-long fort building activity a few weekends ago.  🙂
  2. Play more games in 2017
    Not all games are sedentary.  Play games that make you get up and moving like Tag or a video game that makes you move.  If you don’t already have a game console, consider it a great family gift that is a great way to encourage movement and activity.
  3. Track how you do for the new year. 

Grab the Body Cardio Scale, the world’s thinnest scale to track heart and health metrics & full body composition.  It also has a seamless sync to the Health Mate App.  It is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their goals, while also monitoring cardiovascular health.

A close up of a scale.
It provides your heart rate and unique insights into arterial health with Pulse Wave Velocity assessments.  It tracks weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage plus muscle and bone mass. You can set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget with integrated nutrition tracking.  The automatic profile recognition and recording of measurements for up to 8 different people is great, too.  I know that it is reliable because of the high-accuracy measurements via Position Control ™ technology.   The battery lasts for up to a year and it’s rechargeable.  It syncs to an app so you can keep track and check it anytime. 

Be sure to also track your walking time with Withings Steel from Withings, part of Nokia.

A close up of a fitness watch.

It has a 316L stainless steel case, chrome hands and double-domed glass.  It keeps track of steps, running, swimming (it’s water resistant up to 5ATM), distance & calories burned. Plus, it has an 8-month battery life, so no charging.  I like it for my sleep monitoring & the silent vibrating alarm.   Just sync it with your Health Mate app. 

A close up of a fitness watch on a woman\'s wrist.4. Join a Community Center or find your local rec. department.
Most local places have deals for the new year, so this is a great time to join!  Local Community Centers are a great option thanks to their indoor facilities and offerings like basketball games, volleyball games, kickball games, handball games, swimming (indoor pool) tag and all kinds of other physical activities your kids can partake in. Look for a Boys and Girls Club, a YMCA club or another similar kind of community center in your area. These clubs will have all kinds of winter activities for your kids to enjoy and usually run specials around New Years to encourage new membership.   Our kids do a lot with our local Rec. Dept., too (wrestling, soccer, camps).

5. Embrace the snow in the new year!  
 “Baby, it’s cold outside.”  If you have snow outside, enjoy it in the new year.  Snow tag, snowball fights, sled riding & more.  Or build an igloo like Mickey did with our kids.  

To put a fun spin on snowman creation is to add some color and all you need is a few bottles of food coloring. Build a normal snowman and then use your food coloring to paint the snowman whatever color you want it to be.  Or… use a spray bottle & spray paint the snow. 

Whatever you decide, remember to keep your health in mind.  This is going to be a new year for you to find a new you… the one you keep looking for! 🙂   Track your progress, too.  Activity tracking helps you move more, feel better, and sleep better — but only if the tracker doesn’t get in the way of your life.    

Ok … now head outside and start this new year right! 

Grab your own Withings Steel watch or Body Cardio scale to stay on track this 2017 and achieve your health goals. Use the coupon code “WITH-HEALTH-Y315W0” on to take 20% off your order with at least one device in cart. Good until 3/1/17, not valid for Steel HR.

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