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There is always something so exciting and refreshing with the blank slate of a new year. Every year, I love to sit down and set goals for our family. This year I will be doing the same thing and I encourage you to consider setting goals as well. As you think about what your goals will be, read some of these encouraging ideas below.


(1) Simplify your schedule and keep what is important while letting go of the rest.   It can be hard to say no to helping a friend move or to volunteering in each child’s classroom (that would be 4 days a week for me!) but sometimes you have to do what is going to work best for you and your family.  I know that by saying “no” to some things, I can say “yes” to the more important ones. 

(2) Keep track of the good moments this year.   I keep binders with each child’s important memories.

organizing school work 001
I will give them to our kids when they are grown and realize just how valuable they truly are. 

(3) Learn to let go of clutter and only keep what matters.     For me, clutter means stress… so I just can’t have that.  Clearing out the clutter a few times a year is a great stress-reliever for me (that’s why I have my organization course, so we can all do this together) 

(4) Set financial goals together with your spouse.   Are you going to pay off your mortgage sooner?  Save money so you can be a stay at home parent raising your family on one income?  Whatever it is – work on it together. 

(5) Start eating better and live a healthier life!    If you aren’t sure where to begin, here is a post, written by my friend Betsy, on how to eat clean when you have no idea where to start! 

(6) Separate your goals into mini goals and challenges throughout the year.

(7) Cover your goals in grace and give yourself heaps of grace!    I know that I can’t eat 100% clean, so I allow myself an 80/20 rule… I do this with most things.   It’s ok to not be perfect. 😉 

(8) It takes a certain amount of time to turn your habits into a routine so use a habit tracker to help.   It actually takes 21 days… so try to keep up with your new (great) habits for 21 days! 

(9) Decide to love who you are this year!

(10) Stop yelling... start learning how to talk so people will listen.  Your family doesn’t want you to be grumpy anymore than you want to FEEL grumpy.   Yelling causes unnecessary stress… and you probably don’t need that in your life. 

(11) Tell others about your goals so there is accountability.   My mom, Mickey, my aunt, brother, sister-in-law, etc… all know my goals.  haha!!  Just try to keep me quiet about them. 😉 

(12) Set goals that are measurable so you can assess how you are doing.    Maybe you are trying to lose weight?  Get weighed every Friday.  If you are trying to clean?   Do a room a day or a room a week.  

(13) Determine one thing you want to be different this year and start there.

(14) Choose a word for your year that you will focus on.

(15) Set realistic goals.  Maybe it is to be happier?  Healthier?   More organized?   

(16) Think about the different areas of your life as you set goals and figure out which one is the most important to you. 

(17) Say no to New Year’s resolutions and yes to lifestyle changes that matter.   Only 8% of people keep resolutions, so work on things that are important enough to say yes to… and do it well.  

(18) Use goal setting tools to help you stay organized.   Check out my planner for some extra help. 

(19) Setting goals can help you overcome struggles… journal them and keep track of how you are doing. 

(20) Take time to evaluate the past year– what worked well and what did not.    Do you need to find more time to play with your kids?  Find a way to earn an income from home?   Whatever it is… figure out what you want and go for it!

What about you? Do you have any goal setting tips for the new year?

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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