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DIY Pet Halloween costumes made from Amazon Prime smile boxes

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We couldn’t resist…  our Goldendoodle is the most laid back dog in the world.  I’m pretty sure he thinks that he is a human and one of the kids.   So, when our kids were turning their Amazon Prime shipping boxes into Boxtumes, we couldn’t resist making one for our dog, too.    

Meet our Pet Dinosaur:

A dog dressed up in a dragon costume sitting in the grass.
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What is a Boxtume?

Boxtumes are creative costumes made at home using Amazon smile boxes and crafting supplies that you already have around the house.  While we love to use our Smile boxes for our boxtumes, we have also used them to craft other custom Halloween items. Our kids like to use them to make DIY treat containers, haunted house decor (they turn our garage into a haunted house),  mini haunted houses for their figurines, and even masks.

Dog Costume:

The key to making this dog costume was finding a way for him to walk around easily, and having a way to take it off easily, without letting it fall off.   We thought for a few days about what kind of costume we wanted to make for him…

Then, one night, our son was reading a book about dinosaurs and said “What if Coach [our dog] were a dinosaur this year?  Wouldn’t that be funny?” Mickey and the kids spent some time the next day having fun with our Amazon boxes, as they transformed Coach from Goldendoodle to Dinosaur!
A dog dressed up as a dragon standing in the grass.


  • One Amazon Smile box (if you are like our family, you will have a few in your garage… we are always ordering from Amazon Prime, and we always save the boxes for our kids!)
    Two white boxes sitting in the grass.
  • Paint (we used primer & paint)
  • Tape
    A close up of flattened boxes with rolls of black tape resting on top of them.
  • Velcro
  • Hot Glue

DIRECTIONS for Dog Costume:

1- Open the box and cut THREE diamond-like shapes:  body, head, and tail
NOTE:  The body “diamond” shape needs to have tabs on each side, to allow it to connect around his body.
A cut box lying in the grass with instructions written on it.
2- Use the leftover box pieces to cut triangle shaped spikes for the dinosaur’s back.  

3- Glue the spikes onto individual pieces.
Pieces of cardboard made into a dragon costume.
4- Take all of the pieces together to make a long body: Head connects to the body.  The Body connects to the tail.

Cardboard dragon costume lying in the grass.
Paint the box (we added some black to the top of the spikes for some interesting detail)

Cardboard painted green lying in the grass.
Glue velcro on the tabs so you can connect them under the dog’s body.   We added a string to the head and tail to make it easier to tie it loosely onto our dog.
Two views of a cardboard costume.
When everything is dry, let your dog try it on.  
A dog dressed up as a dragon standing in the grass.
Our dog wore it happily until we took it off.   I think he would have hung out as a Dinosaur all day long if we had let him.

Back view of a dog wearing a Halloween costume.
What could you make for your pet?  Show off your own creativity using #boxtumes, #amazonprime, and #morethanabox.

A dog standing in the grass wearing a Halloween costume.
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